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Easter Eggs: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Valiant Gideon
Posted on 04 October 14 at 14:09
Filled with lots of yummy Ork killing goodness

Please click here to read the story: Easter Eggs: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 04 October 14 at 14:23
Next Week: Hydro Thunder Hurricane?

I'm not joking warning.
Hydro Thunder Hurricane
Posted on 04 October 14 at 14:35
i used to play Space Hulk,Necromunda and 40K back in the day ... now i just paint miniatures time to time ... i really loved this game and the multiplayer is really fun

my suggestions for easter eggs: binary domain, JEricho or Timeshift
o Heres Jonny o
Posted on 04 October 14 at 14:35, Edited on 04 October 14 at 14:36 by o Heres Jonny o
Great game that I did not expect to like.

Hydro Thunder! Never heard of it laugh Oddworld strikes again.
Happy Gaming
hawk syn
hawk syn
Posted on 04 October 14 at 14:38
? I never thought this game was like gears of war. For one there is no bullshit factor where the best player get put on one team while the newcomers get put in the other and 2 the weapons have no comparison at all. I mean when i played it I didn't even see a lancer. Must have been an exclusive item that I didn't get. But you didn't highlight the dlc which has one of the most difficult achievements.
Dude chill
Posted on 04 October 14 at 15:06
I agree with hawk. This is a wonderful game but if you're going to try and complete it beware of the chaos invasion dlc. If you don't have the right team with fully upgraded perks and weapons you will not get the last few achievements. I got lucky and meet a group of people who were strong enough to make to the end. Enjoy guy's....
Posted on 04 October 14 at 15:16, Edited on 04 October 14 at 15:17 by Juicyjams
I absolutely love these games, didn't think I would but I got hooked.
LitePink = Thread Nazi
Posted on 04 October 14 at 15:21
MP on this game is a huge grind.
Life, it's funny that way.
Capn Beav
Capn Beav
Posted on 04 October 14 at 15:36
IMO, the MP maps in this game, while few, were fantastic. Each one had a natural focal point for the action while still maintaining enough pathing to make other tactics viable. I vividly recall some real meatgrinder matches on the bridge.

Sadly, I don't believe there has been anymore video game licensing since THQ folded.
Posted on 04 October 14 at 15:54
No mention of the chaos invasion dlc?? Now finishing that was hard...
Valiant Gideon
Posted on 04 October 14 at 16:02
I debated on including info on the DLC but ultimately left it off. You guys are exactly right in that some of those achievements were stupid hard as well. For instance, you had to have a solid team of 4 very good players to beat the DLC stuff in some cases. Without that you were screwed.

Regarding THQ and the bankruptcy. According to my research, Sega now has the rights to 40k. This, IMHO, is not good news because sega is a mess in its own right. There were plans for a sequel to this game and I was super excited. But since the bankruptcy and sale to sega - there has been nothing.

I felt like Space Marine was a great start to what could have been a tremendous ongoing franchise. Unfortunately that is not meant to be but it would not surprise me if someone eventually tries again with this IP.
Posted on 04 October 14 at 16:02
UltimateTT66 said:No mention of the chaos invasion dlc?? Now finishing that was hard...Yea, the coop mode was definitely the hardest part of this game (and probably the hardest coop mode I've ever played in a 360 game, Zombies being another runner-up). The 40,000 kills is only a grind if you don't have access to a turbo controller. So few people might have it because most people wouldn't even attempt unlocking it until they had gotten the MP achievements done.
Posted on 04 October 14 at 16:45
Good looking game, may check it out someday.
Posted on 04 October 14 at 16:57, Edited on 04 October 14 at 17:02 by Rhyolitic
This is one of my favorite games on the 360. I love the detail that was put into the scenery. You occasionally hear little things over the PA system like, "If you are injured, return to your home. The Omnissiah will care for you.". Unlike so many other games, you actually get a sense of power out of the characters rather than a squishy paper target. The MP also lets you customize your character pretty heavily. You can choose a set Chapter skin or make your own from a fairly decent list of parts for arms, chest, head, etc. I think the melta is my most favorite weapon in any game.

I'm one of those few that have finished the game + the DLC and that DLC is quite hard. However, when you do finish it, you have a real feeling of accomplishment as it takes a fair amount of skill (plus some luck).

Oh, and iirc, you finish WH40K: Kill Team, you also unlock the Power Sword weapon option for MP as well. Same stats as the chainsword, iirc, just looks neat.
Posted on 04 October 14 at 17:12
Love this game. It scratched that 40k itch after the fantastic Dawn of War series.

Not sure what happened to the MMO that they were touting a year ago.
Previously on Alan Wake...
Posted on 04 October 14 at 17:45
Fantastic game. It really deserves a sequel.
I'm from Buenos Aires and I say kill em all!
USMC 90 95
USMC 90 95
Posted on 04 October 14 at 17:50
This was a great game. The pvp multiplayer was actually pretty fun too. I hope there's another one but I'm not holding my breath.
A Defiant Sith
Posted on 04 October 14 at 18:22
I found the multiplayer to this being some of the most fun I had on the 360. It was possibly the most balanced multiplayer I've played.
Posted on 04 October 14 at 19:05
100% club and that includes dlc,still my favorite game on Xbox 360
Posted on 04 October 14 at 19:05
this game was just awesome 5 out of 5.
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