Game Discussion: Wordament Snap Attack (Android)

Unable to connect

  • Hoarder23Hoarder23268,563
    Posted on 08 January 15 at 08:06Permalink
    I have not been able to play the last week or so. Had anyone else had a hard time connecting? My gamertag logs in but I get an error saying to try again in 4 hours.
  • Das KuhnenDas Kuhnen613,426
    Posted on 09 January 15 at 13:29Permalink
    I get this every once in a while, but the only time I had it happen for an extended amount of time, I actually had to uninstall it and re download. It's worked fine ever since.
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  • Posted on 09 January 15 at 19:26Permalink
    I had a similar issue but it didn't state how a length of time to try again in. I continued to sign in as a guest and then connect from there with my GT. Worked fine after that. Shortly after however, I dropped my phone down the toilet so my connection was short-lived. laugh
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  • ProscalineProscaline709,460
    Posted on 20 November 16 at 21:13Permalink
    I can't connect to Xbox no matter what I do. I've tried multiple Android devices with no luck. Have found zero solutions that work. Anyone have any ideas?
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