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Viva Piñata (PC) - Server Unavailable

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    Posted on 04 October 13 at 13:58, Edited on 06 October 13 at 00:59 by
    Viva Piñata - Server Closed.

    Just so everyone knows, the server for Viva Piñata no longer works, this means sending and receiving creates to & from other players over Xbox Live (GFWL) is offline for good.

    However, this doesn't affect the achievements in anyway and currently 100% is still available until the initial close of Games For Windows Live that's rumored 1st July 2014.

    Not sure if this problem happens with the retail (Console) version for Xbox 360 as it's been quite some time since i played it. if anyone can comment below on wether or not the server exists that would be great.


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  • Posted on 05 October 13 at 22:36
    Thanks for the information. Personally I've always had issues sending crates to others online when I was working on the game, sometimes it would say the player could not be located (or something like that). Other times it would take the coins we would send each other but we would not receive a crate. Hopefully it was only me and my friend who had that problem though.
  • King GBFKing GBF1,356,276
    Posted on 16 June 15 at 15:34
    Just confirming that it isn´t working with the 360 version either, it´s been shut down.
  • Posted on 28 June 15 at 00:11
    even though they are not working if you want to share pinata's just send them to yourself and bring them to the garden of the person you want to share with. its still easy and simple to complete the game this way and share with others
  • Posted on 28 June 15 at 03:14
    wrong viva forum sorry
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