Game Discussion: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Multiplayer Achievements

  • Posted on 09 June 15 at 12:52
    I know this is pretty late, but would anyone like to boost for some multi-player achievements? We can help each other out and get those last few achievements you've been looking for.
  • OdeToKoiOdeToKoi753,115
    Posted on 19 June 15 at 01:03
    I would be interested yes, I just recently started playing this on the 360; I looked to see how far into it you are and I'm probably not as good as you as I don't plan on 5-staring all songs on hard because of a couple songs toward the end, but I am capable of beating the game on expert.
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  • HaztronauttHaztronautt448,336
    Posted on 21 June 15 at 15:35
    I'm looking to boost online achievements on this game. Will be happy to trade with either of you.
  • iBobbehiBobbeh62,012
    Posted on 04 July 15 at 11:44
    I'm down for boosting multiplayer achievements if you guys still need? just shoot me a message on XBL if you do :)
  • Posted on 01 February 16 at 19:26
    If it's not too late, I would like someone helping me for few online achievement.. I play on Expert So if you want to boost achievements with me, just add me on Xbox Live or TrueAchievements.. Thanks :) I'm from quebec, I'm bilingual !
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