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Want to build a team

Posted on 09 June 15 at 19:27
I would like to get some regular players together here.
If anybody is up here to play the game just reply.

I'm a newbie to the game, played on easy so far to get to know the basics.
But now i have trouble dealing with the later levels (on easy lol) so i need help.
I have no problem to start from the beginning or go for achievements.

If you are interested and have a mic, you know what to do.
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Posted on 27 August 18 at 12:08
As far as I can tell, progress in the so for player doesn't carry over to the online multiplayer. At least it's not showing me having any medals when I try to go online.

Massive shame that. I'd love to play online co-op, but I'm not resetting my progress!
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