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Game/Xbox crashes after start menu

Posted on 23 July 14 at 10:36
Yesterday I started to play season 2 episode 2, but after pressing START inthe menu and selecting storage, game was loading for while but then screen went black and Xbox freezed. I restarted the xbox and tried few times again, but always the same problem. Now I cannot play the game at all.

I tried to clear cache, reinstalling the game, but still nothing. I tried with deleting episode 2, but still having the same problem. I found from officials forum, that someone else having the same problem and "fix" it by deleting all the data, including saved games... But I would not want to do that if it's not an only option.

Has anyone else this problem and have you found any tricks to fix it?
Comrade Spanner
Posted on 27 August 14 at 10:57
I'm now having the exact same problem - for me, it's trying to get into episode 4 (with episode 5 released yesterday and all). Did you ever find a fix?
Exalted Entity
Posted on 27 August 14 at 19:31
Turn on the box. Launch game. Sign into profile.

You won't get the black screen if you do that.
Comrade Spanner
Posted on 03 September 14 at 14:27
Ah I shall try this later - thanks man
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