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    Posted on 11 June 15 at 12:19
    Please use this thread to discuss the The Swapper walkthrough
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  • The Fury I84IThe Fury I84I1,694,140
    Posted on 07 February 16 at 20:30
    Great walkthrough, like any other walkthrough you created smile
  • RacknoreRacknore2,241,528
    Posted on 24 May 17 at 20:35
    Guides great, found an easier way through last room of the second page. orbs 89-97. Stand on floor next to gravity panel. Place clone on top left switch. step forward flipping to ceiling. Place clone on bottom left switch. walk all the way left and place clone bottom right switch. teleport to clone directly below you and place clone on top right switch. jump. place clone on orbs and teleport.
  • kevc99kevc99102,454
    Posted on 09 June 17 at 22:54
    Great guide thanks clap
  • JimEsqJimEsq455,923
    Posted on 12 June 17 at 07:50
    There's a video of the method that @Racknore described. It's not quite as elegant as he describes but it's a lot easier than trying to get the timing and positioning perfect. Not my video, etc.

  • Brad555YenBrad555Yen381,309
    Posted on 14 October 20 at 21:53
    I just want to acknowledge what an excellent walkthrough this is. I strongly prefer text over video guides (I feel like I spend all my time fiddling with videos instead of playing), and although puzzle games tend to defy text descriptions, this was perfect - there wasn't a single area I needed to look for an alternative solution. Thank you!
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