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  • Posted on 11 June 15 at 12:25Permalink
    Please use this thread to discuss the Goat Simulator (Xbox One) walkthrough
  • Posted on 08 July 15 at 09:57Permalink
    A comment on Mattress Madness instructions. It says "Now head back to the construction site and use double jump to reach the second floor", when what it really means is "go to the second highest floor". There are some mattresses on the actual second floor but these aren't suitable for getting this achievement, so it took me a while (and looking up the individual solution) to work out the WT was directing me to the wrong place.

    Other than that, the walkthrough has worked well for me up to the Flappy Goat achievement, which is just ... swear word.
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  • N18p73pwn3rN18p73pwn3r1,493,837
    Posted on 04 December 15 at 16:32Permalink
    allright, here are a few remarks from my side:

    the completion time for that game is way off! i started it to hope for a quick completion, but imagine my surprise when i hit the around the world trampoline and flappy goat achievements.
    for the trampoline alone i would say you need approximately 30 minutes - 2 hours, depending on how fast you grasp the ragdoll controls and hit the ventilator in the right angle.
    for the flappy goat achievement.. well, whoever can manage to pull all the achievements in the guide off including this one in the suggested time, you should earn a medal for that! i don´t say it is hard, i think it is plain impossible! i am sitting at that achievement for the last 3 hours and i am nowhere close to getting it!!

    so, i would recommend a time between 3-10 hours at least!
    also i think it should be noted that there are more than one place to play flappy goats...

    except for that huge miscalculation, good guide
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  • AhayzoAhayzo780,183
    Posted on 04 December 15 at 16:38Permalink
    I could see extending the maximum, but not the minimum. 30 minutes to 2 hours for the tramponline? I've never played a ragdoll game like this before, and still suck at it after completion, and pulled it off in under 10 minutes. Others will take longer, but it can be done quickly. Same with flappy goat. About 30 minutes, maybe, is what it took me. I've seen new players and old players do it faster, and slower. I'd keep the minimum, but based solely on "if you find the collectibles yourself" I'd agree with extending the high time.
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    Can we please have this corrected so that slo-mo is mapped to cn_left instead of cn_back?
  • Posted on 16 June 16 at 01:07Permalink
    When did they change that?
  • H MalthouseH Malthouse116,764
    Posted on 18 June 16 at 04:46Permalink
    It was changed in an update while I was playing it - sometime between the 8th and 11th of June.

    Are the DLC achievements going to be added to this walkthrough?
  • Posted on 18 June 16 at 15:14Permalink
    I have no intention of writing it for the 360 version at this moment, and can't access this WT to edit.
  • Posted on 18 June 16 at 15:15Permalink
    Was the slo-mo also changed on in the 360?
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,393,653
    Posted on 24 June 16 at 16:28Permalink
    If the DLC isn't added here, just refer to my WT for the other goat simulator game on the XB1, the mmore goatz edition one. The DLC here is basically just that entire game, and as far as I know all the achievements are the same. :)
  • Posted on 25 June 16 at 05:28Permalink
    I would look into it, but I can't edit this one, only the 360 version. Could you link it for everyone?
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,393,653
  • Paul ZapPaul Zap181,455
    Posted on 01 September 16 at 16:28Permalink
    On this version (XB1), the only button that activates slow-motion is cn_left. cn_back does nothing.
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  • Paul ZapPaul Zap181,455
    Posted on 01 September 16 at 16:48Permalink
    Also, I think the DLC achievements (which are a carbon copy of the separate game MMOreGoatz edition) should be added.
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  • Posted on 01 September 16 at 18:00Permalink
    That's why they were linked already. I dont have editor access to this WT.
  • WildWhiteNoiseWildWhiteNoise1,112,602
    Posted on 22 May 17 at 09:22Permalink
    This really should be updated now. How come, that as an author, you don't have access to your own walkthrough?
    It's a great walkthrough, but at the moment is incomplete.
  • Posted on 22 May 17 at 14:58Permalink
    This was originally written on the 360 version, and ported to this version as well. I have access to this now, but the walkthrough was written before the DLC came out and I have no desire to go back to it. If you'd like to write it feel free to contact Spiral and ask for access
  • Paul ZapPaul Zap181,455
    Posted on 22 May 17 at 16:39Permalink
    A walkthrough for them has already been written:

    Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition Walkthrough

    All that needs to be done is add that walkthrough as additional pages in this walkthrough.
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  • Posted on 22 May 17 at 21:08Permalink
    Yeah, look four or five posts above you, I had LE post them for a reason.

    If he wants to copy & paste his into this one and be added as a contributor that would work fine for me as well.
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