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Three Windows Phone Games Delisted

  • Posted on 25 October 13 at 01:24Permalink
    A KING 84 said:
    It looks like all the games are back up. Re-downloading Assassin's Creed now!!!!
    Yup, I'm seeing all of these games back on the marketplace on my Lumia 822, all for $0.99 too (which I believe is cheaper than what they were worth before the de-listing).
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  • SpilnerSpilner798,678
    Posted on 25 October 13 at 01:37Permalink
    Ah good I can avoid playing AC laugh
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  • Posted on 20 November 13 at 23:57Permalink
    The problem is that I can not really collect content licenses for Xbox LIVE Windows Phone Video Games because of the problem, that Download Again can become unavailable. Now my data storage is full, and I shall not continue to collect additional licenses - this is going on for about a year already.

    If a future, such as initially attempted to be dictated, should be all about digital content, then definite eternal, digital content Download Again, must be the standard. Sony seems to design such a basis, and not just some people devote their trust to it.
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