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TA Top Five: XBLA Titles

  • Posted on 08 October 14 at 20:04
    I reckon I'll give Limbo, Shadow Complex, 'Splosion Man, Mark of the Ninja, and Fez some more consideration to start them sooner rather than later.

    I have played Castle Crashers, so I feel that's a deserving spot. One heck of a good XBLA title.
    Rollus Tidus
  • Amedeus8Amedeus8255,783
    Posted on 09 October 14 at 13:47
    Pretty decent list. I love Shadow Complex, Fez, and Mark of the Ninja. Some of my favorite games, right there, and they'd definitely be on my list, as well. Not Splosion Man, though, I don't know why that's there.

    Also, I'm willing to jump on the love train for Hydro Thunder in these comments. Give that Splosion Man's place!
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  • Seven ClipSeven Clip368,794
    Posted on 09 October 14 at 18:24
    I really wish they would bring back 1 vs 100.
  • FailedSeppukuFailedSeppuku1,558,559
    Posted on 10 October 14 at 12:20
    Castle Crashers is awful, repetitive tripe.

    My top 5 are; Limbo, Defense Grid, Peggle, Magic 2014 and Hydro Thunder Hurricane.

    Mentions for Tomb Raider top down shooter and Poker Texas Heat weekends.
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  • N2FunkN2Funk29,268
    Posted on 25 October 14 at 08:47
    I think XBLA was the reason I got a Xbox 360 in the first place. I'm not sure about the restriction that the games had to show up on XBLA first to make the list; seems kind of arbitrary. I would like a list for accessible gameplay, inventive puzzles, and/or style.

    Here are some of my picks:
    1. Lazy Raiders
    2. Roogoo
    3. Carcassone
    4. Kinect Fun Labs: Junk Fu
    5. Valiant Hearts: The Great War
    6. Crazy Taxi
    7. Jet Set Radio
    8. Ilomilo
    9. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved2
    10. Braid (this has been said by others, correctly)
    11. Trials HD (the sequels haven't done it for me)
    12. Stacking
    13. Karateka
    14. Rez HD
    15. Peggle
    16. Poker Smash
    17. Portal: Still Alive
    18. Space Channel 5: Part 2
    19. Bejeweled 3
    20. Uno (w/ Kameo Deck)

    I think there are some hidden gems up there, but one major takeaway is that the Dreamcast was awesome. ;)
  • Adri BltAdri Blt396,742
    Posted on 28 March 18 at 19:30
    #1 - by far - SPELUNKY !!!
  • KJer25KJer25905,812
    Posted on 03 April 20 at 18:18
    Any XBLA list without Super Meat Boy, Bastion, and Outland is not correct laugh
  • EthigyEthigy1,126,916
    Posted on 03 April 20 at 19:56
    Damn, only completed three out of the five. Maybe get around to Fez next.
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