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Hunter Achievement . Some traps seem to not count, or its worded wrong?

Twigleaf Twigs
Posted on 15 March 15 at 15:24
Could someone who has gotten the " Hunter " achievement, help explain the exact process to get this achievement? I know its not glitched, but something about it isn't working as intended.

There is currently only 1 solution on the site for this, but its not very helpful on why this achievement should not be unlocking under normal play. I know I have had enemies die to traps 20+ times, but either this one has to be done in one scenario, is glitched, worded wrong or soemthing.

Even the PC Steam boards mention the same issue. The solution presents itself as putting a Ratmen encounter card on level 7 to 10 of endless mode, but it also mentions quiting to dash and killing the game. I really don't want a corrupt save.

Posted on 24 March 15 at 00:56, Edited on 24 March 15 at 01:00 by Senyth
Quitting the game won't corrupt your save, but it shouldn't be necessary, either. Quick question, though - have you quit the game in between trap kills? In other words, five here, quit, play later and get another five? I had to do all 100 projectile reflects in one go because the game seems to forget your progress when you quit. As long as you don't exit the game, your progress SHOULD continue to count.

Anyway, for the achievement. I don't know if the fight always takes place in this arena since I've only done it once (and personally didn't unlock the achievement there since I was low on health and had to end it) but when I fought the Queen of Skulls, it was on a medium-sized map with a giant sarcophagus in the middle, surrounded by spike traps. If you kill the Queen but leave the bone pillar up, it will continue to spawn skeletons. You can either bash them into the traps or kite them around the corners and they'll walk into the spikes themselves because they're extremely stupid. :D

That's definitely the map I got the achievement on, though. I got either a bunch of skeletons or ratmen for some encounter or other. What traps are you having issues with, specifically?

EDIT: Nevermind, I saw this was from over a week ago so I looked at your achievements and you got it already; congratulations! I'll leave this here for anyone else, though. :)
Twigleaf Twigs
Posted on 31 March 15 at 22:00
Sorry for the late reply. My XBOX has been having problems regarding the dashboard update, and I had about a week that it was a doorstop. I eventually got the achievement.

I was not resetting, or dropping out, quitting, etc.... In fact, I would keep the game running for 6 to 8 hours at a time, while doing housework.

I can attest, that " some " traps don't seem to count toward the goal, or, that if you do more damage than the trap, it may not count as a kill. I counted numerous times I encountered a room with those spring traps, and would let it kill off 12 to 15 critters. no pop.

Finally, after getting to a dungeon about 4 or 5 levels deeps, ( one of the ratmen encounters ), it finally popped. The dart traps seem to work fine. I suspect there is just a random gremlin in there that doesn't count a kill when it should or something.
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