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TA Top Five: Short Games

  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 11 May 15 at 20:46
    Limbo for me definitely. But, like JMJimmy says, not sure what this top five is meant to be. There are plenty shorter games than these, and plenty equally as long but better.

    I guess we're running low on ideas though, aye.
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  • AhayzoAhayzo1,166,286
    Posted on 11 May 15 at 20:52
    Well this was definitely a list I don't agree with. Brothers was a great concept, I liked the story of it, but the controls were so unbelievably terrible that it ruined it for me. Had they given the option to have the second brother controlled by another human (local or online), maybe even AI, I wouldn't hesitate to agree with it being number 1 on this list.

    Stacking was an interesting concept, but there was just something I didn't like about it, can't put my finger on it. Not that I think it's a bad game, just not my thing.
  • MemoMemo321,100
    Posted on 11 May 15 at 20:53
    Got agree with all the others that have mentioned it; Limbo should be on this list. At Number 1!
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  • Team BretherTeam Brether1,164,398
    Posted on 11 May 15 at 20:54
    Limbo, takes about 75 mins...should be in this list
  • SpilnerSpilner877,706
    Posted on 11 May 15 at 20:57
    Im guessing a prerequisite of the list is also being able to complete the game... limbo is great and whilst not that hard is somewhat... impossible to some smile
  • HmizzzHmizzz495,730
    Posted on 11 May 15 at 21:14
    Dibbs93 said:What about bastion :(Exactly my thought !
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  • Posted on 11 May 15 at 21:21
    Limbo limbo limbo...
  • Vandy316Vandy316387,877
    Posted on 11 May 15 at 21:32
    To me, I think Asura's Wrath should be in the Top 5 instead of stacking, but still it's a great list regardless.
  • EdweirddEdweirdd503,867
    Posted on 11 May 15 at 21:58
    I really enjoyed Brothers, but that ending...Still need to get around to playing Child of Light.
  • Dancing RobDancing Rob154,868
    Posted on 11 May 15 at 22:00
    Brothers is worth it just for that moment close to the end, which turns it from a nice enough puzzle plat former into something a bit special. It is up there with the bit from Bioshock, All Ghillied Up and riding home to your wife in Red Dead Redemption in great moments of the last gen.

    Otherwise, I can only add my name to the Where is Limbo? list.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 11 May 15 at 22:04
    I thought that Portal deserved to be on the list instead of Stacking but throughout the list I was wondering where Mirrors edge and Bulletstorm was since the campaigns for those games seemed to be pretty short but were entertaining.
  • BreakingPad68BreakingPad681,057,830
    Posted on 11 May 15 at 22:08
    Never alone is one if The worst Games i had played on The one.
  • Funky MonkeeFunky Monkee1,335,344
    Posted on 11 May 15 at 22:32
    So glad to see Brothers at the top of this list, such a fantastic experience. I still think about the ending sometimes
  • RadicalKoopaRadicalKoopa619,012
    Posted on 11 May 15 at 22:52
    No love for The Maw?
  • MaesenkoMaesenko314,226
    Posted on 11 May 15 at 22:53
    JMJimmy said:I'm confused, is this a list of fast completions, good games that are short, or shortest games that don't suck?I'm in this camp. The list seems to not be well-defined regarding what "short" means.

    Personally, I thought Bastion and Dust: an Elysian Tail were short games, and I'd place Child of Light in with them.
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  • Necromorph11Necromorph11947,025
    Posted on 11 May 15 at 22:56
    Asura's wrath is almost a masterpiece, i highly recommend it to anyone interested in manga\anime...i understand that its heavy reliance on quick time events and the presence of DLC packs can put off many but don't get fooled !
  • NawtyCawtyNawtyCawty680,534
    Posted on 11 May 15 at 23:21
    A mixed list for me. Loved Child of Light, hated Brothers and am currently playing the shite that is Never Alone
  • KillipoKillipo344,422
    Posted on 11 May 15 at 23:50, Edited on 11 May 15 at 23:50 by Killipo
    That's funny, because I just recently 100%ed Child of Light and Brothers back-to-back within a day of each other. And I recommend playing them both. The only thing I would warn against brothers is that it is extremely short and has no replay value; so if you didn't already get it free or cheap, I'd wait on it.

    I dragged Child of Light out a little bit with some grinding and exploring before a couple of harder parts (the game is much more fun on expert than on casual, for those who want a turn-based RPG experience - but you can get the achievements either way.) Between schoolwork, work, and taking my time on the game, it took me about 5 days to complete. I can't give you a hard number on how long I played each day, but it added up to maybe 8-10 hours total.
  • KillipoKillipo344,422
    Posted on 11 May 15 at 23:52
    funkym0nkey77 said:So glad to see Brothers at the top of this list, such a fantastic experience. I still think about the ending sometimesI, too, am haunted by think about the ending now and then.
  • justinman114justinman114187,950
    Posted on 12 May 15 at 00:04
    Portal is #1 and not an honorable mention. This list is a joke. Portal may be one of the greatest games EVER, never mind the greatest short game. Come ON!
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