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Tiny Troopers Coming to Windows Phone and Win 8

  • ADaughenADaughen391,397
    Posted on 11 December 14 at 16:26
    Played a few missions so far. Seems solid, although the controls are a little tough on the Lumia 928 with big fingers.

    There's a zombie survival mode which is fun. Start with one guy, unlock up to three others and try to stay alive as waves of zombies attack.
  • TukaitauaTukaitaua409,591
    Posted on 07 February 15 at 17:49
    Runs sweet on mu Lumia 1520 and is a solid game, the only reason I picked it up was it reminded me of Cannon Fodder on My Mega Drive
    Posted on 02 June 15 at 09:50
    can someone send me a message so i know if permanant double command points micro transaction carries over between win phone and win 8?
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