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    Posted on 14 June 15 at 14:02
    Please use this thread to discuss the The Walking Dead (Xbox One) walkthrough
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  • FalensaranoFalensarano1,210,616
    Posted on 14 July 17 at 20:33, Edited on 17 August 17 at 23:03 by Falensarano
    Hey there. I came across a glitch in episode 4 where you get stuck in the school if you jump across the roof with Molly. It seems that if you make the roof jump first time, the game skips the cut scene and you can't progress.

    It can be fixed by rewinding to the start of the garage, replaying and letting Lee die before then making the jump. This could be mentioned in that part of the guide.
  • Saw3d 0ffSaw3d 0ff205,386
    Posted on 02 February 22 at 14:25, Edited on 03 February 22 at 11:57 by Saw3d 0ff
    Good guide, could do without the added flavor text, opinions, and joke-y padding though. All we need are the steps/what to do, and in a bulleted/not wall of text format would help a lot.

    Also doesn't help that some sections requiring the player to solve puzzles are just completely missing from the guide.

    Corrections for Chapter 5:

    "After the initial cutscene, we will start the episode for real. Search the cupboards for some pliers to use in the elevator" - they are rib spreaders, not pliers, this should be corrected to save people from wasting time looking for a non existent pair of pliers

    "Check the ladder to your right and use it on the bell tower to your left to reach the other side." - you actually need to go look at the bell tower first
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