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LEGO Batman 3 Season Pass Trailer Released

  • MatrarchMatrarch995,873
  • SyntrSyntr296,486
    Posted on 18 November 14 at 18:29Permalink
    Getting it for arrow
  • Posted on 18 November 14 at 19:04Permalink
    All the current goods and a teaser. I'll be waiting on a few more packs before I look at the game, as it is. I'd rather not get it immediately, then have to sit on it for a few weeks or months while the DLC trickles out. Lego Marvel got me some serious cash back from Gamestop last time, and I doubt Batman will be any different.
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  • Posted on 18 November 14 at 19:44Permalink
    Man even Lego games are getting season passes these days O_o

    I only enjoy Lego games at short intervals so I will pick this up when it is cheaper as for the season pass seeing as I just got into Arrow and I mean really got into Arrow I will acquire it when I get the game laugh
  • Posted on 18 November 14 at 19:58Permalink
    Lego season pass facepalm

    Season pass trailers facepalm

    Most importantly, season passes facepalm
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  • WickedDeathWickedDeath482,384
    Posted on 18 November 14 at 22:32Permalink
    Finally got their greed on and came up with their own season pass BS huh? they can keep it. Other than Arrow, none of it looks like it is worth having.
  • NawtyCawtyNawtyCawty529,579
    Posted on 18 November 14 at 23:41Permalink
    Wow even Lego games have succumbed to this blight on gaming. Is there any game that DOESN'T come with a season pass nowadays?
  • Posted on 19 November 14 at 03:51Permalink
    A season pass for a Lego game, really ? Its a Lego game, it never has a lot of replay value once you 100% it. I'm sure the DLC takes all of an hour to complete.

    As much as I enjoy playing the Lego the games, once I 100% the game, and their is nothing left to do in the end game then free roam it gets boring. Nothing left to find, nothing left to complete, nothing left to buy with the billions of studs i've accumulated.

    Its a sad day when even Lego games get Season Passes.

    I guess if I was under the age of 10, then it would be great and I could play these games for hours once I complete them, but i'm not. The only way I see that Season Pass to be worth buying is when it goes on sale like they all do at some point for 50%-75% off. And by that time the game is has also dropped in price $20-$30 so I don't feel like i'm getting ripped off anymore.
  • disturbedone47disturbedone471,674,947
    Posted on 19 November 14 at 09:45Permalink
    I will probably get arrow pack as it is my favorite show
  • OjotangoOjotango206,404
    Posted on 19 November 14 at 12:05Permalink
    I like the Lego games - and Batman - so this seemed like a no-brainer for me, but having played the first three DLC packs, I can say that I really don't think they are worth it. I can assure you, Unfcnbleevibl, that they take far less than an hour to complete. They aren't even full levels. One of them is in fact just a single room.

    I'm slightly more optimistic about the Arrow pack because of what "explore Starling City" indicates, but if it's just another half-assed half-level then it would seem the season pass is not at all worth it.

    The best thing I can say about them so far is that the Man of Steel pack has a great "Kneel before Zod" gag.
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