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I'm confused

Segendary Ty
Segendary Ty
Posted on 18 November 14 at 20:50
Hey guys I'm a little bit confused about the difference between TR Anniversary and TR Legend

Since TR Legend has anniversary DLC's as well. Does that mean TR Legend includes Anniversary or is that a different game? Also when I look on the XL market place it says that the TR Anniversary also has those DLC's. So I am very confused right now and I'm hoping someone can clear this up for me!
Posted on 19 November 14 at 09:30
Ok, so Anniversary is the re-make of the original Tomb Raider game. This isn't some HD conversion, the entire game has been re-done, puzzles are bigger, new voice work, graphics, etc.

The game was released simultaneously as DLC for legend AND as a separate retail game, but it is exactly the same content (although the retail release has the full 1000GS and the DLC has only 250GS, the retail version also had a bonus disc).

The DLC shown under the Anniversary game on the marketplace is, rather confusingly, actually the Legend DLC, and requires Legend to play. Really, it comes down to whether you want a physical disc and the price (and those sweet, sweet achievements!)

As it's a re-make, you don't need it for the Legend/Underworld story.
Hope this helps.
Posted on 20 November 14 at 13:02
Gunner has pretty much summed it up however if I recall correctly, the DLC was never meant to be a separate game but due to the earlier days of DLC, people requested a disc version, especially the collectors of TR products because it was an anniversary product.
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