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Boosting head to head games

  • Capt KerunchCapt Kerunch111,092
    Posted on 10 February 15 at 05:33Permalink
    Capt Kerunch is seeking a boosting partner for head to head matches to achieve the battle tested achievement.
    Capt Kerunch
  • NiudnaNiudna277,476
    Posted on 28 February 15 at 12:46Permalink
    I still need this if you do. It only takes a few games from scratch to get, I only need another game and a but myself
  • TrevisTrevis241,018
    Posted on 08 April 15 at 20:49Permalink
    I'll help and need one more game.
    -Papa Smurf
  • Wolf96Wolf96246,603
    Posted on 18 April 15 at 09:47Permalink
    dude if you're still looking I'm in, hit me up on xbox
  • StuspillzStuspillz43,536
    Posted on 25 June 15 at 00:59Permalink
    Looking for a boost for this, message me if your interested
  • Posted on 30 August 15 at 09:17Permalink
    i could use a boost
  • TrevisTrevis241,018
    Posted on 31 August 15 at 12:56Permalink
    I need to boost.
    -Papa Smurf
  • T1PP3RN4T0RT1PP3RN4T0R623,313
    Posted on 25 September 15 at 15:20Permalink
    i too will be boosting this located in australia happy to help people with achievements
  • TrevisTrevis241,018
    Posted on 07 November 15 at 19:37Permalink
    Everyone add me plz.
    -Papa Smurf
  • Capt KerunchCapt Kerunch111,092
    Posted on 20 January 17 at 23:31Permalink
    back wanting to get this done... been distracted by neverwinter
    Capt Kerunch
  • Posted on 15 April 17 at 03:03Permalink
    I'm down hit me up
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