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The bottom right push buttons (Y, B, A, X) disappeared?

  • KoRny Girl xKoRny Girl x183,918
    Posted on 12 May 15 at 14:09Permalink
    So I've been playing Castlestorm for a while now and the push buttons to direct attacks (magic, troops etc.) has disappeared while playing campaign. I've been trying different game difficulties, castles and levels to see if it will return but I can't find how to get it back on the screen while playing.

    Anyone else having a problem similar to this? Any way to fix this? Thank you!
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  • Posted on 12 May 15 at 18:19Permalink
    That seems to be in effect since the last update which was yesterday (11th May). The info on enemy and friendly castle room status has disappeared aswell.
  • KoRny Girl xKoRny Girl x183,918
    Posted on 12 May 15 at 18:58Permalink
    Thank you for replying, I'm trying to look for the patch notes on Xbox One, however I can only find patch notes on their forums for Steam posted way back in 2013. Seems a bit odd to do unless it's a glitch.
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  • DaeryoonDaeryoon414,034
    Posted on 14 May 15 at 17:22Permalink
    I have also noticed the disappearance since the latest patch. The push buttons and enemy info are gone, and the health bar for some bosses like the crystals is also spawning slightly off screen for me.

    It just adds to the difficulty, right? laugh
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