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TA Top Five: Swansongs

  • HmizzzHmizzz350,680
    Posted on 15 December 14 at 18:39Permalink
    Halo Wars is one of my favorite game of all time !

    343, I want a sequel ! I'm ready !

    Halo WarsReady for the SequelThe Ready for the Sequel achievement in Halo Wars worth 228 points100% Completion
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  • dlCHIEF58dlCHIEF58403,998
    Posted on 15 December 14 at 18:52Permalink
    Fanta Morgana said:Kingdoms of Amalur:
    The game was supposed to become a MMORPG but after EA realised the MMORPG craze was over as their "The Old Republic" flopped they pulled the plug and decided the game should be reworked to a Skyrim-like game. MMORPGs are extremely expensive but have a higher investment return through subscriptions and ingame purchases which this game didn't end up with it was doomed to be a commercial failure.
    The company then had to declare themselves bankrupt as they weren't able to repay an investment made the US-State of Rhode Island.

    You have a LOT of incorrect conjecture here, so let me help clear it up. Reckoning was NOT the planned MMORPG, it was the stop gap/introductory game for the actual MMO coming out code named Copernicus. EA had nothing to do with "reworking" the game as EA was only publishing under the EA Partner's Program and had absolutely no creative control over the title. Now it has been said (but largely unconfirmed) that the game (Reckoning) was repurposed from a MMO that Big Huge Games was working on before being purchased by 38 Studios, but it is not the big MMO they were working on nor was this decision from EA. This game was to introduce players to the universe they were creating and to help fund the bigger MMO they were working on at the same time (Copernicus).

    Also the game was in no way a commercial failure, it sold rather well for an inaugural IP to be quite honest. However it did not sell well enough to get royalty checks rolling for 38 Studios to make their loan payments on time. This is because they either overestimated their expected sales of the game or got an unfavorable contract from EA on this. This game was to help fund Copernicus but since they had the bar set too high in terms of how many copies sold before royalty payments kicked in, it didn't work out that way and helped in the downfall of the company. Even if they would have met their minimum sales quota/threshold to get royalty payments, they would have started rolling in about 2 months too late.

    In my opinion, the biggest player in the downfall of 38 Studios was Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee. This guy basically threw them under the bus by revealing confidential financial information regarding 38 Studios as part of a witch-hunt to further his own political career. He did this as part of the denouncing and purging of the previous administration's programs, of which this was one. Had he not revealed this information, potential investors would have been less likely to have been scared off and they might have secured the additional funding needed to pay the loan and payroll. Now don't get me wrong, I am in no way saying that 38 Studios is not without fault in their downfall as they did many boneheaded things themselves which contributed to their downfall (incorporating in Delaware instead of RI which prevented any further help from RI, improper budgeting, beginning the MMO to early without all the funding in place first and of course accepting the loan to begin with and moving the operations to RI), but it was not EA that effected their downfall, other than the poor royalty terms they got for the release and sale of Reckoning.

    38 Studios tried to do too much at once is what it really comes down to. Had they done more to focus on Reckoning first before starting Copernicus, they would have been on a much more stable financial standing and probably would not have needed that loan from Rhode Island (and avoided the whole Chafee witch hunt). That might have also enabled them to see the changing MMO landscape before they heavily invested in Copernicus and cut those losses before they became significant.
  • agord2407agord2407841,320
    Posted on 15 December 14 at 19:18Permalink
    The saboteur is an amazing game. Still need to go back and finish all those collectibles....
  • PointySpredPointySpred333,645
    Posted on 15 December 14 at 19:44Permalink
    Also, I know its not an Xbox exclusive or debut. Final Fantasy is the ultimate swan song. Saved squaresoft and is responsible for defining a genre. Long live FF
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  • Posted on 15 December 14 at 19:59, Edited on 15 December 14 at 20:05 by Fanta MorganaPermalink
    dlCHIEF58 said:You have a LOT of incorrect conjecture here, so let me help clear it up. Fair enough. Sorry I didn't remember the story that well.
    Even though I haven't played the game yet a lot of people stated that the game kinda feels MMOy and the content is pretty frontloaded with a lot of stuff and quests in the beginning and less and less as you continue. So assuming thats true that would indicate that they infact were aiming for something bigger with this game.
    Anyway its supposed to still be a pretty good game. I picked it up in a recent sale and plan to play it soon.

    And to the people saying 343 should make a Halo Wars 2:
    I don't think 343 should make it, for two reasons:
    1. They are a shooter developer with probably too little RTS experience
    2. They are too busy. They have to focus on getting Halo 5 done and are probably obligated by MS to produce a shitton of DLC for it.
    I'd say MS should contract Firaxis or Sega/Creative Assembly
  • Posted on 15 December 14 at 20:10Permalink
    pure was an awesome game! I have, and still play split second. It is very fun. Big huge games made one game that I still love to play on my 360: CATAN, it was the board game on the 360. what better way to play this game with my college friends from all over the us than through the 360. I have but have not played LA Noire but plan to now, and darksiders. I would like to see the top five company killing games.
  • LuckyKantLuckyKant477,875
    Posted on 15 December 14 at 20:10Permalink
    Harbringernight said:Dont feed the beast Pointy. Great list except for Max Payne and Noir.Don't see either of them on your tag. Bit harsh if you have not played them.
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  • PointySpredPointySpred333,645
    Posted on 15 December 14 at 20:11Permalink
    ^^ Firaxis for sure!
    The difference between me and you? You don't think there's a difference between me and you.
  • Lumberjay85Lumberjay85187,896
    Posted on 15 December 14 at 20:24Permalink
    I was really sad when I found out Black Rock Studios had been shutdown.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
  • Arashi SoraArashi Sora251,255
    Posted on 15 December 14 at 20:28Permalink
    Halo 3 - Bungie

    Bungie is dead to me. After the horrible game that was Destiny, they just aren't the same studio they used to be. Without Marty or Jason, they just aren't Bungie anymore.
  • Posted on 15 December 14 at 21:15Permalink
    Arashi Sora said:Halo 3 - Bungie

    Bungie is dead to me. After the horrible game that was Destiny, they just aren't the same studio they used to be. Without Marty or Jason, they just aren't Bungie anymore.
    Reach was amazing and Bungie is still a very large and successful company, sans the quality of Destiny.
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  • Lt DavoLt Davo184,011
    Posted on 15 December 14 at 21:36Permalink
    I've noticed a lot of praise on these lists for L.A. Noire, and I don't get it. Its one defining feature that set it apart from all games before and since was the facial expression thing, but it DIDN'T WORK. And once you figured out - more from trial and error than anything else - what the correct answers were in the interviews, the replay value was crap.

    L.A. Noire is one of only three XBox 360 games I've ever bought that I returned.
  • Posted on 15 December 14 at 21:38Permalink
    @Andrew Ogley

    Do you turn your articles in to someone to proofread or do you do that yourself? There are a lot of grammatical errors in this article.

    You can send your "Top 5" articles to me before you post them on TA and I'll be happy to look them over for errors.
  • Patriot65108Patriot65108610,714
    Posted on 15 December 14 at 21:41Permalink
    Parallax Demon said:HaloMonkey3009 said:Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was a brilliant game. It's a shame the devs went under as I would have loved to see a sequel.Please let any developer get the rights for this game. Enjoyed every second I played it.I wish that could happen. Unfortunately there is very little hope of that happenning. That is because anyone developer/publisher who resurrects the title has to deal with complex copyright ownership mess because of the bankruptcy. I'm sure it can be figured out who owns the rights to the game but if it's owned by the State of Rhode Island...good luck to try to navigate that red tape. I wish it weren't true because I absolutely loved that game and would have definitely pre-ordered any other games in that franchise.
  • Posted on 16 December 14 at 02:03Permalink
    Really sad to see such great games being the last. Would've killed to see 4 or 5 games for Darksiders, 4 being just one horseman and the fifth being all four. Reckoning was another amazing game I am glad I picked up. Saboteur was another one I was glad to find. Absolutely fun game. Great games that were overshadowed by the unimaginative shooters.
  • zr122zr122423,317
    Posted on 16 December 14 at 02:06Permalink
    Okay, so this was definitely an interesting list. But I have to ask: is there no proofreading department on TA? One or two simple spelling errors is one thing. But every single entry has something wrong with it. Spelling. Grammar. Sentence structure. I get that the writers here are volunteers, but there has to be someone who looks over articles before they get published.

    I've read the requirements for applying to be a Newshound. You need to write an article that gets proofread. How is this not something that happens to every article?

  • chamilo360chamilo36040,444
    Posted on 16 December 14 at 03:13Permalink
    The Saboteur was a great game.i would like to play it again smile
  • drabikdrabik344,178
    Posted on 16 December 14 at 07:25Permalink
    I didn't know what to expect before I played Halo Wars, but it was great fun. One of the easiest RTS games I've played on a console (not that I've played many). It just worked so well.

    Also, the cut-scenes were fantastic. Very sad that the studio closed and a sequel seems unlikely.
  • RomerNakataRomerNakata124,868
    Posted on 16 December 14 at 08:13Permalink
    I suggest doing Top Five Soundtracks.
  • FiveWizzFiveWizz307,985
    Posted on 16 December 14 at 09:38Permalink
    I've literally just purchased Saboteur for £2.99 based on this article and the comments I can't wait.

    Also a game doesnt need replayability for it to be a good game. So many games I've played finished and put it down and felt the full impact. LA Noire is one of those. Plenty of reasons to stay in the city if you want to mop up achievements but nothing wrong with finished the story and putting it down forever.

    I picked it up for next to nothing so got plenty of value out of it
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