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Exalted Entity
Posted on 26 August 14 at 19:12
Exalted Entity said:deutschZuid said:I believe August 26th, 2014 is the release date for the fifth episode. So sometime on Tuesday (for most people around the world).Going to try to do this. :P Maybe broadcast it on Twitch. But damn, I hope this is the last DLC, after that, no more Telltale games. For me personally, they are more boring than Lego, and Lego is pretty boring.

"For me personally" :P
Added that in there at the bottom in case people were not seeing that in the sentence form earlier :P
Exalted Entity
Posted on 26 August 14 at 19:18
Billy Horrible said:Exalted Entity said:Oh no, the story is not boring. The game play is. And even then it would be tolerable, but there are no hints. So there I am, getting bored and sleepy, and then sleepy and bored, and then more bored and sleepy, and then the game expects me to use my brain while my eyes are drooping shut and my head keeps nodding back and forth.

And Billy :P The only game on my list more boring than those is The Golden Compass.
Avatar Burning Earth, CSI, King Kong, Brothers, Minecraft, Sealife Safari... Just a few games you've 100%ed that I would call a lot more boring than The Walking Dead smile

And even if your opinion is that these games are not boring, then I reply with the fact that you called Walking Dead boring while my opinion is that it isn't smile

And I don't think the gameplay is 'boring' - the gameplay just isn't challenging and it serves the story, it's not a story built around the gameplay. You shouldn't even play it for the gameplay, go and play Dark Souls if you want something challenging smile
Brothers was pretty boring, but I found it less boring than Telltale games.
King Kong was done by my 3 year old little brother at the time because he loved playing my games.
CSI was just as boring as Telltale games :P
Avatar: The Burning Earth was played at a time when my brother was 2 years old, and we both used to sit there watching the Avatar show. We took turns so it was not boring for me :P

And I don't want anything challenging. That is the problem. I find the Walking Dead too challenging for me, because it is a challenge even to stay awake. :P
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