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TA Top Five: Morally Dubious Achievements

  • Posted on 03 June 14 at 17:31
    v0v CRiCKeT v0v said:
    I suspected Harvesting All Little Sisters on BioShock being on this list.
    Agreed. Expected this to be number one, easily.
    I saw a girl crying while buying tampons. Must be going through a rough period in her life.
  • Posted on 03 June 14 at 20:23
    One of the more creative top 5's in a while. I have 4/5 of these. :)
    thundrchickn on scorehero.com
  • Posted on 04 June 14 at 03:48
    Just got Lollipop Chainsaw from Gamefly, I know what the first thing I'll be doing in that game will be lol.
  • Capt PoopeyCapt Poopey324,194
    Posted on 04 June 14 at 10:36, Edited on 04 June 14 at 10:37 by Capt Poopey
    ...so I would have got an achievement for an (un?)intentional up skirt in Lollypop Chainsaw, but I got nothing for seeing Trevor's schlong when he wakes atop Mount Chiliad wearing nothing but a short dress in GTAV? What is seen cannot be unseen, my eyes, my eyes! No fair!
    I can haz achievement?
  • The Fury I84IThe Fury I84I1,606,665
    Posted on 04 June 14 at 13:39, Edited on 04 June 14 at 13:39 by The Fury I84I
    Dastardly in Red Dead Redemption was probably one of the most fun achievements I've got. Especially because my lovely wife was making comments... She didn't enjoy watching me do this laugh
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 04 June 14 at 14:12
    Sashamorning said:
    MotoX Champ88 said:
    As much as I hate to give CoD credit for anything, the No Russian mission in Modern Warfare 2 was pretty brutal the first time playing it. It was bad enough that the first part of the mission was removed from the game in Russia.
    Remove the spoiler!! wink

    That sequence could be completely skipped through a setting that you had to choose before the game began. My wife also mentioned this, but I would have been horrified if this had been tied to an achievement. (Unless maybe it's for going through without harming a civilian.) But still, forcing someone to act through that scene for an achievement--even by being a pacifist--would be wrong.

    In my mind, that level was completely unnecessary, and only included to cause controversy.

    It reminded me of Postal, and that was plenty.
    It's a 5 year old game. By now I figure most people that wanted to play it already did and those that haven't probably won't. Even if they do, it's probably just for Achievements.

    And yeah, strangely enough you don't even have to play that mission on Veteran. But I assume the Achievement list was made before the controversy so it's odd that it wasn't required for the Veteran Achievement.
  • Posted on 06 June 14 at 06:52
    I'm proud to say that, apart from the South Park one(as I haven't player SoT), I have all of those achievements :D
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