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TA Top Five: Gaming Mechanics Of This Gen

  • matdanmatdan796,789
    Posted on 28 February 14 at 00:31
    MotoX Champ88 said:
    Halo 3: ODST & the Firefight Mode were in development LONG before Gears of War 2 was. Bungie began working on ODST at the same time they started working on Halo 3. So to give EPIC all the credit for wave-based co-op modes isn't right. Bungie doesn't deserve credit either, as Rainbow 6 Vegas (2006) had Terrorist Hunt, and many games from the previous generation also had those modes.

    Also CoD wasn't even CLOSE to being the first shooter series to introduce a ranking/progression system & unlockable content. Just about every multiplayer shooter on PC had some sort of ranking system starting in the late 90s, although they were actually based on skill & not just gaining XP.
    Don't use logic on a list that has GoW listed as the original cover shooter. It is better to move on and save some sanity. Although I will point out that this is mainly a console crowd and this gen has seen huge innovations in multiplayer gaming otherwise relatively unseen in PS2/Xbox 1 era (Except rank progression I recall PS2 games having that and mics and unlockable content).
  • Morpheus414Morpheus414256,737
    Posted on 02 March 14 at 04:14
    Aww, group hug! smile
  • Seven ClipSeven Clip364,779
    Posted on 02 March 14 at 07:23
    Cool list. Really makes you appreciate how many advances this gen has brought about.
  • AwakeDeadeyeAwakeDeadeye391,994
    Posted on 03 March 14 at 20:28
    Delith said:
    NawtyCawty said:
    As for DLC, it isn't a means to extend a game or any of that bullshit, it's just a mechanic to take your money, nothing more laugh
    I completely agree. It's a way to charge more than $60 for a game. If all DLC was bundled with the original purchase, some games would be over $100. And I guarantee if games were $100 a pop, no one would buy them. So DLC is just a way around that imaginary $60 limit.

    But I would rather have DLC then have everything bundled and have to pay more for stuff I don't even want.
    Not all DLC are born of greed. Sure the Call of Duty ones are ($15 for a few maps? Seriously?), but there are others made that really add to the game, like Fallout: New Vegas. So much was added like poisons, incredible weapons/mods, auto stimpacks, awesome perks, and all kinds of little items you cans find out and about to create some really helpful recovery/buff items and weapons/armor.
    That's not sexy, that just hurts!
  • Posted on 08 May 20 at 07:58
    Good Heartfelt music sure is missing!
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