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    THIS THREAD IS CLOSED! and has been transferred to a walkthrough for the acheivement. If you have questions or comments please post them at the walk through page.

    This is a complete list and will get the achievement Darkness Slayer. First, let me give credit. Jjos at started a list, I found a couple more , and xDartz xNVx filled in the gaps. Also, unlocking 5 of the characters that unlock under special conditions will net the achievement Demon Fighter

    Characters unlocked simply by playing through the story:
    Gilles de Rais
    La Hire
    Phillipe le Bon
    Arthur de Richemont,
    King of France
    King of England
    Edward, The Black Prince
    Joan of Arc

    The following characters are unlocked under special conditions.

    Ch 1 A Meeting at Gascony
    - John Chandos: Defeat Edward WITHOUT DEFEATING John Chandos. Edward and Chandos will spawn when you enter the gigantic field BEHIND your 2nd objective.
    - Christine de Pizan: Capture Horsa to find a monster horn. Walk up to Christine and hand it over to her.

    Ch 2 Alliance at Aquitaine
    - Yoshimasa: Capture both Rauzan and Gironde (both bases west of the first goal) to find a sword and Yoshimasa. Hand the sword over to Yoshimasa
    - Iamarl: Be at her side BEFORE she runs into Edward. Defeat Edward AFTER her being confused over the fighting

    Ch 3 Previously in Brittany
    - Naran: There are two bases (one north, one south) in which friendly units are locked. Capture the southern one, saving him this way
    - William: Approach William in the northern base called Morvan with Magnus as your leader. Take over the base. William and Magnus will have a conversation.

    Ch 4 Turmoil in Auvergne
    - Phillipa: Defeat that Duke that is attacking her and rescue her. She will be in peril directly north of the starting point
    - Henry Percy: Defeat him 3 times
    - Shakti: She appears at the start of the level at the far northern enemy base. She is not on the leader list, but if you go into the 'target' list she appears on that leader list. At any rate, go and take the base she appears in and she will join you.
    - Karen: See Karen unlock in Chapter 6 for a sure thing. I just want to document this one since i've read hear-say about it and you may see it occur in your game. Occasionally, if Yoshimasa (her love aspiration) gets to Karen first in this battle, they will have a conversation and she will join you after. This appears to be a random event and cannot be forced. This has happened only once for me in at least 10+ playthroughs of the level. I even tried using Yoshimasa as one of my leaders to force the conversation, but it does not work. Its pure luck if you unlock her in Chapter 4.

    Ch 5 Showdown, Ile-de-France
    - Georges and Marc: Defeat Georges 4 times. Marc will be at his side during the 4th time, defeat him as well, no particular order.
    - Richard Beauchamp: Approach him with Hal as your leader. Defeat him 3 times.

    Ch 6 The Battle of Normandy
    - Karen: Once she spots a "fine carriage" help her rescuing it by capturing the city. In my game this conversation and subsequent base takeover happened at the exact same time as John Fastolf and John Talbot were meeting up. I had one of my leaders guarding Karen and another guarding Talbot so I could easily switch back and forth and get all 3 to unlock in one mission.
    - John Fastolf and John Talbot: When John Fastolf withdraws approach John Talbot. Once Fastolf reappears and AFTER Talbot reached him (northeast corner), approach both. Expect a battle to be in process, at least there was in my game.

    Ch 7 Gamble in Flanders
    - You Ji: Approach You Ji with Arthur de Richemont as your leader BEFORE heading into the 'diversion' area. Arthur and You Ji will have a conversation.

    Ch 8 Upheaval in Champagne
    - John Hawkwood: Once he appears, assist him by defeating the enemy officers and capturing the base he is inside
    - Bertrand du Guesclin and Jean: Capture the base they are wandering off toward. Approach them once the base is yours and both are inside. They wander a really long ways. Its the base almost directly north of where Hawkwood spawns. I used one leader on Hawkwood and another on these 2 guys since once again, both Hawkwood's special condition and this one kinda spawned at the same time.

    Ch 9
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    I thought Arthur de Richemont was a story unlock, but I'm not 100% sure. I got him by just progressing. If you do have to unlock him then it would be in Chapter 5 when you first acquire him.

    William is unlocked in Chapter 3 by approaching him in one of the northern bases while playing as Magnus and capturing the base he is in.

    Richard Beauchamp is unlocked by approaching him as Hal in Chapter 5 and defeating him 3 times.

    For the last character (it should be obvious who it is, but I won't spoil), you just need to unlock everyone else in Nightmare mode.
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    cool - i'll update this and transfer it to the walkthrough
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