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Why has my achievement streak broken? - Find out here

Posted on 13 August 19 at 18:15
The same thing happened to me. I unlocked an achievement in N+ around 20:30 (8:30 PM) on August 12th. Xbox.com shows identical date and time, yet on TA achievement synced with a timestamp of August 13th 03:41 PM.
Posted yesterday at 10:26
Same thing here with Broderlands achievements popping in the future. Has ended a 526 day streak but Reborn has said to keep popping and hopefully when fixed streaks with be back to normal. Hoping this is the case as will be gutted if its not fixed, as Xbox is not showing the correct dates.

Does only seem to be affecting 360 achievements though. Good Luck everyone and fingers crossed for yous :)
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Posted yesterday at 11:48, Edited yesterday at 11:48 by Curtieson
Add me to the list. Popped two achievements in Monopoloy for the Xbox 360 on Aug 12th and it shifted both of them out to after midnight the following day. Current on a streak over 2000...can't say I wouldn't be gutted on losing it to a glitch.

Thanks for the info Reborn, I'll just check back here in a couple weeks and hope Mr. TA is on the mend!
Posted yesterday at 23:54
I was on a 120 day streak yesterday, and now my streak says 14 days.
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Posted today at 03:16, Edited today at 05:15 by JDuke705
I just passed 800 days and now it says i am like 89 days current streak and my longest streak is now only 695 days. So like somehow an achievement from 90 days ago is not counting right?

I have a screenshot showing my 800 day milestone and an achievement from every day since then. Since was 4 days ago. I have tried messing with the time zones I am in Arizona where we do NOT use daylight savings and do NOT change are clock. Changing this and rebuilding streaks is NOT fixing.

Looking at 89 days back I see that there are a few days that were achievements that were from a Windows game. That is usually my emergency streak keeper so I know it was a busy week but i know I kept my streak as apparent by getting to 800 days. I am not sure why now 3 months later they are registering a different time. But since it is Windows game I am not able to see it on Xbox companion to see when they show as popped but obviously they did pop in correct time.

It looks like ALL my achievements on this game are not correct stamped...
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I can tell you I was not up at 2:15 AM a last Thursday Night/Friday Morning. It looks like all of these achievements are jacked up. Most are showing in the very wee early of the morning which is not right. I looked at the Had to Happen Sometime achievement and on the main screen shows I unlocked it "You won this on 08 May 19 at 20:36" But if i look at the history of everyone that unlocked this cheevo it says I unlocked it May 9th. Something is def up with this...

Thanks in advance.
Posted today at 05:12
Up until yesterday, my streak was intact, I was nearing 200 days.

Then when I updated it yesterday it said my streak was only 39. The problem is an Achievement I got in World of Tanks on the Xbox 360 on July 11th. The scanner says it unlocked on the 12th. On my 360 the Achievement is time stamped for July 11th, on the Xbox App on my phone it also shows July 11th.
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Posted today at 10:15
I just noticed my streak has been fixed and now it’s over 300 days long after it broke almost 2 weeks ago, so it seems that at least some problems are getting fixed. Just hang in there, keep up your streak and hopefully a fix isn’t too far away
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