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    Posted on 24 October 14 at 12:03, Edited on 24 October 14 at 14:26 by MC0REBE
    Please use this thread to discuss the Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One) walkthrough
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  • Mr FiddlerMr Fiddler501,514
    Posted on 11 February 15 at 07:26
    Your notes before the Horizon 5-0 achievement in the storm island dlc says that it is for winning 50 online events. However, the description for that achievement says *complete* 50 online events. I don't think you need to win them.
  • EurydaceEurydace642,385
    Posted on 11 February 15 at 08:28
    My mistake. You are correct. I certainly didn't win 50 laugh
  • LoonieleeLoonielee688,240
    Posted on 16 August 18 at 19:58
    Any plans to add the other DLC?
  • EurydaceEurydace642,385
    Posted on 16 August 18 at 22:01
    No plans. Sorry cry
  • SciKoSciKo830,062
    Posted on 16 September 18 at 23:00
    Cred to you Eurydace for bringing a walkthrough on this mouthful of a game clap

    I'd just like to know where you got your estimates from?

    I've played for over 150 hours but to account for the Storm Island bucket lists lets say 150. I've done this in a pretty effective way should you ask me and I still have about half the Championships (~85) to go before I'm done with main game. The Estimates are atm 150 - 200 hours completion time for main game with almost as many votes on 200+ (26 fewer). So when I read the walkthrough and it says 70 - 90 hours (noticed you pushed it to 100 hours in the actual story walkthrough) I'm really wondering where that estimate comes from?
    It is potentially a 100 hour print error which is a pretty huge dealbreaker for many. Since I haven't been able to even come close to matching the walkthroughs estimates and the majority of gamers who's completed it coming in at around my completion time (if I keep this up ^^) I'd like to advise reassessing the estimates mentioned in the walkthrough and if not that, at least let it be heard that completion times can vary up to say 200 hours.

    I really don't want to be nitpicking, just want to help improve a quite important aspect of your already great work smile
    Walk the SciKopath
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