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Constant crashing.

  • Posted on 28 August 15 at 03:39
    Yeah, you can invade without refreshing your notifications, which means you still can't repel, or refresh the status of any friends being attacked (I think...but, you can't repel your own kingdom for sure).

    At this point, I'm fairly certain it's linked to the notifications for the crash. I can connect and do everything, but when it tries to refresh those push notifications/rewards it crashes. This would explain why a lot of us people with previous progress can't play right now, and it's slowly becoming available for others.
  • EVEN5TAR 117EVEN5TAR 117713,911 713,911 GamerScore
    Posted on 18 October 15 at 06:46
    Hi! so i don't now how or why but i can play now! Someone still play the game? i believe that if we are 3 we can resist invations and get the achievement.
  • LvxLvx301,142
    Posted on 19 October 15 at 18:53
    I'm still playing. There's a session up for this game too, feel free to join it and I'll add you. :) Game has been crashing again since yesterday though.
  • NicholasNicholas416,165
    Posted on 20 October 15 at 00:28
    All I need is resist invasion. I can give away lots of gold and magic cards if anyone needs them. Send a FR if interested.
  • NicholasNicholas416,165
    Posted on 15 November 15 at 01:05
    Sorry for the double post but....
    Can anyone play this now?
    I'm now having the same issue as the OP. Before my last post I had logged in just about every day.
  • LvxLvx301,142
    Posted on 16 November 15 at 22:35
    It's still crashing for me as of today. I'm trying regularly so I'll post when it happens to work. (If ever.)
  • IdleEnigmaIdleEnigma431,813
    Posted on 18 November 15 at 17:32
    I've not been able to play the game whilst connected to the internet for months. I can just about connect after loading the game and then upload to the cloud but it crashes straight after. Can't load it on win 8 either.
  • NicholasNicholas416,165
    Posted on 27 November 15 at 23:45
    This is currently working for me. I should now be easier to invade cause I got rid of all my defensive buildings. Send Fr if you need gold or magic cards. You can only send level 1 once a day,but it's better than nothing.
  • LvxLvx301,142
    Posted on 28 November 15 at 03:31
    It's still crashing for me?
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 14 December 15 at 22:23, Edited on 14 December 15 at 22:24 by
    I haven't been able to play for months.

    I can't even get in long enough to turn off notifications.

    Did anyone have this have after having thousands of diamonds appear on account?

    I had 127k diamonds appear which is an awful lot and I called Microsoft who said it was a fault with the game, them I looked on gameloft and other people had the same so I deleted that save which was not great as only had 1 achievement left and I had 76 resists now I have none and then at level 6 of my new game it started crashing. That was in May.

    I wondered if it was to do with 127 thousand + diamonds appearing in my game.

    I also reset my surface and phone and redownloaded the game, several times and nothing
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  • NicholasNicholas416,165
    Posted on 16 December 15 at 02:46, Edited on 16 December 15 at 02:47 by Nicholas
    Bluebird819 said:I haven't been able to play for months.

    Did anyone have this have after having thousands of diamonds appear on account?

    I had 127k diamonds appear which is an awful lot
    I got over a billion diamonds.
    It works now, but hasn't worked several times for a month or more.
    You can log in if you put your phone on airplane mode.
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