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LEGO Batman 3 Dev Diary Discusses Characters

  • MatrarchMatrarch993,587
  • Strategy OneStrategy One662,348
    Posted on 25 October 14 at 05:48Permalink
    These lego games are getting bigger and bigger.
    Whos stupid idea was it to call Xbox One Xbone? Lame.
  • XboxAnimatedXboxAnimated545,626
    Posted on 25 October 14 at 09:22Permalink
    really hoping for slade/Deathstroke
    I want Trueachievements to be my Facebook but one that matters
  • Posted on 26 October 14 at 05:53Permalink
    Le Lone Wolf said:These lego games are getting bigger and bigger.and better imo
  • Saran447Saran447403,549
    Posted on 27 October 14 at 18:15Permalink
    At 1.56 there is Doomsday. Awesome.
  • Posted on 28 October 14 at 20:45Permalink
    Can't wait for this to come out
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