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Battleborn E3 Community Q&A

True XenoBlade
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Last post: 11 Feb at 12:47
Posted on 20 June 15 at 07:52
So there is a loot system after all!

Please click here to read the story: Battleborn E3 Community Q&A
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Last post: 09 Jun at 10:41
Posted on 20 June 15 at 15:42
Might keep an eye out for this in the future. Could be quite good.
Parallax Demon
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Last post: 20 Dec 16 at 23:41
Posted on 20 June 15 at 21:22
5-player coop with a loot system! Now I'm interested.
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Last post: 12 Jun 16 at 18:29
Posted on 21 June 15 at 05:19
Hmm. A "small loot system" sounds reminiscent of Happy Wars 'loot system'. roll Only time will tell.
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Last post: 23 Jun at 07:05
Posted on 21 June 15 at 08:43
A LOT of features borrowed from Borderlands, I would have thought with 25 characters you could have more than a 5-player co-op... Still, interesting news all round. I wonder if there will be another infamous Gearbox season pass? laugh
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