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Achievement Gold Addict Bugged for me

Djinn Emrys
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Djinn Emrys
Posted on 20 March 15 at 17:53
I unlocked the achievement of Diamond Cups but the achievement Gold Addict not unlocking. This shows 99% advanced. Any Solutions? I replay the levels, but the achievement not unlocking. Check my achievements.

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 21 March 15 at 01:19
I thought the same thing happened to me but I found out there are two gold cups per level minus the invaded ones. One is for collecting all the teensies and the other for collecting the required amount of lums. You should see one gold cup in the middle below the teensies and another gold cup floating above the teensies on the level door. Walk past every level door and find the ones that are missing. I also have to say the level there's always a bigger fish needs to be nearly perfect in order to get the lums gold medal. I would check there first.
Posted on 21 March 15 at 22:48
Just to add to that: The Diamond trophies are just for collecting all the Teensies in the levels and it has nothing to do with the Gold trophies.
staR eXistenZ
staR eXistenZ
Posted on 22 March 15 at 00:13
You also need to collect all the pets in order to unlock every Gold Cup. Maybe check if you have all pets unlocked.
Posted on 26 March 15 at 04:45
Just went through this today - thought I had everything, but gold wasn't unlocking. Turns out I'd missed the 600 Lum cup on two different levels.
II Rich Hobo II
Posted on 03 April 15 at 06:26
Check the saving princesses levels for the lum gold cups
Hampshire Vegan
Posted on 08 April 15 at 22:38
Sounds like you're missing one or two golds, check the princess or 8-bit levels.
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Posted on 03 August 17 at 18:15
well shit i thought i was done lol
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