Game Discussion: Duck Dynasty (Xbox 360)

Congratulations to anyone who completed

  • USMC 90 95USMC 90 95476,892
    Posted on 21 June 15 at 20:39Permalink
    this piece of crap game. I wasn't expecting a triple A game but at least something enjoyable. The air boat races are the worst, I guess whoever made this game didn't make it that far into it to "enjoy" the air boats.
  • Gu ManchaGu Mancha361,370
    Posted on 25 July 15 at 00:37Permalink
    On my first Playthrough in this game I really got pissed off with those Air Boat Races, But after some angry reactions I didn't even lose a single race... It's damn easy after you get the ''Control'' of the Air Boat.
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  • USMC 90 95USMC 90 95476,892
    Posted on 28 July 15 at 22:47Permalink
    Wish I could've got the hang of it then. It was so frustrating so I gave up after a day of trying.
  • Posted on 14 October 15 at 09:19Permalink
    Since when did shitty games stop any TAers from getting achievements?
  • OzbrithianOzbrithian1,312,967
    Posted on 20 October 16 at 15:25Permalink
    I spent a good amount of time cursing at the airboats last night. It's like racing a fridge.

    The rest of the game is... ok-ish for a very cheap game. Like if it was a $10 we'd complain less kinda thing. It has a lot of humor, mostly unintentional.
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  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 02 April 17 at 15:42Permalink
    I picked this up for 3$ at wal mart. So simple. But one boat race is pissing me off..
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