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Streams timing out

  • MMMDIMMMDI805,183
    Posted on 03 April 15 at 06:53
    I'm going for the 8 hour achievement by leaving the app running while I'm at work or asleep, but it never goes through all the way. The stream always times out: I'll get a black screen with the little loading circle, but the chat keeps going smoothly. Whenever that happens, it stops counting the time. I know it's not my connection, as I can play online games or whatever for extended periods with no issues. In fact, the app is timing out as I type this, and obviously, I'm online with no issues at the moment.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?
  • Posted on 03 April 15 at 15:12
    I had a similar issue recently. I suspected it wasn't a problem on my end but I still gave my Xbox a hard reset anyway. Seemed to be ok after that but I haven't been on my Xbox One a lot since to see if it does the same again.

    I was watching the TA Twitch last night with no issues so maybe it's just an issue with the app. Although the app has never really been flawless anyway.
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  • MMMDIMMMDI805,183
    Posted on 03 April 15 at 18:55
    Just did a hard reset, I'll let it run tonight and see how it goes. Seems like it always runs fine for an hour or two, but no more than that.
  • MMMDIMMMDI805,183
    Posted on 04 April 15 at 08:15
    And an update to this.... the hard reset didn't work, and it died an hour or two after I left. I'm also working on the "watch one minute every hour" achievement, and I have both 3pm and 4pm, but not 5pm onwards. I left at 3:30 and it was running fine, but it was timing out (spinning circle) when I got home... with no progress made on the "every hour" thing, so apparently, it died before 5pm.
  • MMMDIMMMDI805,183
    Posted on 05 April 15 at 19:57
    Ok, so, something I found that may help others get this, if they're having the same problems as me. It takes longer than 8 hours, but it works.

    Start Twitch with the achievements app snapped. Let a channel run until it decides to screw up. When it does screw up, close the achievements app, which will maximize Twitch, and then move around with the left stick. Don't click, just move around a bit. The stream should resume, and your progress will continue.
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