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Genki Holiday Specials not appearing on map!

Posted on 03 January 14 at 11:28
Has anyone else had the problem of the Genki Holiday Specials not appearing on the world map? I have completed the "Christmas" DLC but they have not appeared. The naughty or nice ones did appear and I finished those. Interestingly the Genki Holiday Special ones used to be on my main map before I even started the "Christmas" DLC but I decided to wait until after I finished the "Christmas" DLC to complete them and now they are not there. Please help!!!! This is the only achievement I have left to fully complete the game and DLC!
Of course i have initiative..... im just waiting for someone to tell me when to use it.
Posted on 03 January 14 at 12:27
From memory they should always be there as you can replay them.

Have you changed what the map displays? If you load up the full screen map, you can adjust what is shown using the d-pad I think. If you have no luck, I can always load it up and you can complete the tasks in my game.
Posted on 03 January 14 at 19:06
Thanks for the reply WarmedxMints. They are definitely not on the map. I've tried everything!! Re-installing both DLC and redoing the "Christmas DLC levels but nothing is bringing the Genki Holiday Special levels back!!!
If possible would you or someone please do it in Co-op with me and hopefully that works. Just add me as a friend and when I'm on-line ill join you when your free. Thanks bud.
Of course i have initiative..... im just waiting for someone to tell me when to use it.
Posted on 03 January 16 at 09:41, Edited on 05 September 16 at 18:03 by darkmikasonfire
Someone helped me with this, allowed me into their game so they would be shown and we could get them for me.
I am epic ~desu~
Posted on 19 January 16 at 03:40
Does anybody know a solution? I'm playing the Australian version and its not showing up. angry
Posted on 09 July 16 at 14:19
Having the same issue on the regular edition. Playing through BC.
Stupid Said Hi
Posted on 08 February 17 at 23:18
I ran into the same problem with them not showing up. Can someone help me do them on co-op,just add me and i will join you.
Posted on 24 January 18 at 04:26
They didn't appear on my map until I completed the 'Ghost in the Machine' mission of the main story which unlocked the standard Genki missions.
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