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XBL Content Roundup: June 23rd & 24th, 2015

  • punkyliarpunkyliar216,881
  • zoidberg1339zoidberg1339493,551
    Posted on 25 June 15 at 01:26
    I don't even have Rocksmith yet and I'm still debating buying the South Park theme. I'm glad they're selling it for a dollar as opposed to the usual $3.
  • Death and GloryDeath and Glory2,044,955
    Posted on 25 June 15 at 01:46
    Good luck to anyone attempting those bass tracks on Rocksmith.
  • MugenKairoMugenKairo262,383
    Posted on 25 June 15 at 04:24
    Can't believe there are options to buy DMC4s currency, what a cheat! Glad this has a different name otherwise my hard-earned ratio cheevies would have been for nought. Phew.

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  • GiinceeGiincee485,601
    Posted on 25 June 15 at 06:23
    I'm going to get the two Win8 titles. Dragon Mania Legends looks like Pokemon.
  • Watty8883Watty88832,161,587
    Posted on 25 June 15 at 07:56, Edited on 25 June 15 at 07:59 by Watty8883
    40 quid for Plants vs Zombies and Peggle 2 when we have had them for free for a week ?
    I could purchase both separately for half the cost.

    Seriously,who makes these 'bargains' up ?

    Edit :In the US they actually do pay half the price roll
  • Returner2084Returner2084193,744
    Posted on 25 June 15 at 11:56, Edited on 25 June 15 at 12:01 by Returner2084
    Games on demand "Enslaved: Odyssey to the West" & Download contents "Pigsy' s Perfect 10" & 3 Costume

    It is removed from the store to the June 29, 2015. (Japanese website)

    Possibly, Japan store only the possibility of the subject?

    Anyway report.
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  • redjarmanredjarman430,480
    Posted on 25 June 15 at 16:51, Edited on 28 June 15 at 18:42 by redjarman
    Can Dungeon Hunter 5 WP be played offline? I need some more stuff I can play during downtime at work with no internet

    EDIT: no it can't...
  • Posted on 28 June 15 at 07:00
    Sweet. More F2P Windows Phone and Windows 8 games with achievements. Hopefully a future update doesn't deem the achievements unobtainable.
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