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Gates Of The Dead is far too hard in single player

Stealth Owl 2
Posted on 25 June 15 at 12:53
Have you beaten that level in single player?
Posted on 26 June 15 at 17:27
Don't remember the level specifically but I did the whole game solo.
Posted on 11 December 16 at 15:15
Yep, I've spent hours on this since it became backwards compatible and can't beat it on single player. Anyone got any good tips to beat it? The AI completely sucks.
Yummy Baklava
Yummy Baklava
Posted on 12 January 19 at 07:03
Almost three hours it took me to complete the level. I think I spent most of the time in the third last area of the level, those fucking arms!!!

Then I realised there's still two levels to complete the game. :(
Posted on 15 January 19 at 21:30, Edited on 15 January 19 at 21:35 by HolyThugRabbit
Section 5 and 6 are the two tricky parts. For section 5, as long as you can get a shield or damage increase drop when the blue dragons start to spawn, you should be good.

For section 6. As funny as it may sound. You are actually better of just letting the AI get downed. The reason for this is that you want to cluster up the enemies behind you. Walk around the map in a circle and let the enemies chase you while you slowly pick them off. Just be wary of the new enemies that spawn for every enemy you kill.

If the AI is up and running, they will just drag enemies in directions where you have no controll over the enemies, and make the section much, much harder.

If you get the yellow big ghost at the end. Just pick of the handfull of smaller ghosts. Then you can just let it run into a grave continuously while you pick it of from the other side. It will not be able to get to you at all. The red and blue big ghosts are really no threat at all.

This is just what worked for me, it is by no means foul proof. But may be worth a try for anyone struggling.
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