Game Discussion: Microsoft Solitaire Collection (WP)

10k points in Pyramid

  • Posted on 05 January 14 at 04:34Permalink
    is there a trick to doing this? some sort of bonus i'm not picking up on because I can't get near 10k.
  • HumpyrtonHumpyrton759,487
    Posted on 05 January 14 at 11:00Permalink
    You need to get roughly 7 games before running out of draws. Its roughly 1500 pts per hand won, some minor pts before the win but thats mainly it.

    If you get a bad hand, one where you cannot win, ie all 10s are below the 3's etc, start a new game, just remember you get two redraws. I also made sure not to make matches in the draw pile and look at how removing cards affected under cards, some times you need to remove a whole side to get to a card, instead of an easy match from the draw pile or in the pyramid. Remember undo does not void anything in these games.
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