Game Discussion: A World of Keflings (Windows)

homeless kefling won't return to home

  • kourosxxikourosxxi26,449
    Posted on 02 June 13 at 07:34
    I'm in the forest kingdom and to find the princess I has to destroy some buildings. I rebuilt them but two of them stay grey and the keflings are homeless. I don't have a clue on what to do since their buildings are there...
  • Biggity 068Biggity 068181,044
    Posted on 02 June 13 at 16:50
    Move the houses, maybe the heart isn't integrating correctly. Also, as far as houses/keflings go, when I destroy a house the keflings go away. When I rebuild the house and plant the heart, keflings come out as usual.
    XBL tag: Biggity 068
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