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Information Posted on 31 March 14 at 15:34
angelsk has just submitted some Achievement Flag Info for The LEGO Movie Videogame (Xbox One):

You can view the flags they submitted here: Flag submission by angelsk for The LEGO Movie Videogame (Xbox One)

angelsk said:
Grrg! was glitches for me and didn't unlock until I tried the action for the fourth time after restarting the xbox. But no reports anywhere of it being glitches for anyone else as yet.

I Super Hate You Right Now does unlock during the storyline for P1, but only if playing alone. If playing co-op then will unlock for P2 during storyline and P1 will need to re-play to gain it.

SPACESHIP SPACESHIP! is missable in the storyline if you use another Master Builder.

The ones I've marked as "Hidden Requirement" need something unlocking before they can be obtained, either storyline-wise (for a location/character), and/or by purchasing (a character) with studs.
Mike Marcelais
Posted on 20 May 14 at 18:49
Thanks for your submissions. For the ones you flagged as hidden requirement, we flag it as 'shop' if you have to purchase it. For those that just unlock during the main story, that isn't considered a hidden requirement.

Also, 'tasks' or 'ratings' are not generally considered 'collectable' (as in "You Are the Special")

Let me know if you agree with the flags as applied. Thanks toast
- Mike
Information Posted on 23 May 14 at 23:07
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Evenger Ostro
Evenger Ostro
Posted on 04 July 14 at 06:40
Why is stud collecting missable?
Also, can someone explain why the positive coop flag is used for every achievement? Player 2 will never unlock certain achievements. It's used in a wrong way on multiple games unless I don't get the meaning of that flag.
Nintendo fanboy who loves Sega and plays XBox, seriously
Information Posted on 05 July 14 at 22:56
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Posted on 05 July 14 at 23:02, Edited on 05 July 14 at 23:05 by MuddyAmoeba
Thanks Evenger Ostro

We are looking into the Coop achievements.
The missable on the stud collecting is actually a 'synergy'. That is cumulative and missable. These two flags together indicate you can accumulate the studs but you can also use those studs to purchase characters and abilities. It is used to show that you must actually have the total amount of studs on you to get this achievement.

[Just a side note it is preferred if you raise a new submission. Once the old submission has been archived it can be easily missed by the Game Info staff]
Information Posted on 12 September 14 at 12:11
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