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DLC Removed?

Lazy with Style
Posted on 06 December 16 at 16:35, Edited on 07 December 16 at 13:08 by Lazy with Style
Damn, I got the base game when it was GwG and wanted to buy the DLC a few months ago when it was still online. But then I decided to wait until I start the game... This game was made BC, why should they remove it angry? Anyway I voted for your uservoice comment, hope it helps... compute

Here is also a thread in the Xbox Support Forums related to the issue:

Lets bring this up to MS!
Stylish Laziness
Posted on 07 January 17 at 12:47
Really annoyed by this... I put this on my tag but haven't earned an achievement on it yet. But i can't remove it from my games list now and was expecting to be able to complete it. Won't be doing that anymore.
Posted on 21 March 17 at 10:35
Turns out Bongfish games are some of the lowest of people out there. They bathe in months old bong water, and don't reply to messages regarding this DLC or the games servers what so ever. A shame for the achievement hunting community, but worse for their reputation.
Posted on 08 April 17 at 06:36
This is a perfect example why delistings should have advance notice. 70,000+ have this game and less than 2,000 own the dlc. I was going to buy this dlc once I started the game. Now will never play it since it can not be completed without it.....lame.
Aura Battler
Aura Battler
Posted on 17 August 19 at 12:17
If I already got 1 achievement for a 360 game, and I would like to finish it in the near future, I would buy the DLC without hesitation even it never get discount. You will never know when will the DLC be removed.

BTW, I already got full gamer score for this game.
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