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Battle Tested

  • Posted on 06 June 14 at 14:14Permalink
    Anyone wanna boost points scored online? Message me!
  • DWRGDWRG312,967
    Posted on 11 June 14 at 22:33Permalink
    I am interested in boosting points scored online. I have not scored any yet but I am slowly working on this game.
  • mars2moonmars2moon362,244
    Posted on 14 July 14 at 01:43Permalink
    I would be interested also
  • Posted on 14 July 14 at 01:51Permalink
    As of July 2nd, I obtained this achievement with Blueracer442. The two guys that have posted should boost together. It just takes 3 games to 200. The achievements pop after each completed game. If one of you quits make sure it is not a friendly quit. Points count after a quit but they do not with a friendly quit.
  • NiudnaNiudna277,467
    Posted on 18 August 14 at 17:56Permalink
    I've got a session up for this on 24/08 if anyone is interested
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 11 September 14 at 23:53Permalink
    Anyone interested in boosting points online?
  • Posted on 14 September 14 at 12:54Permalink
    I am crash. Shoot me a message on XBL and we will get together!
    ~Live Long and Prosper~
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 14 September 14 at 21:36Permalink
    sent a message ready to go when you are
  • Posted on 15 September 14 at 09:34Permalink
    Looking to get this done, too. smile
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