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XBL Sale Roundup: July 7th, 2015

  • Rista BRista B695,336
    Posted on 09 July 15 at 19:24
    Picked up Game of Thrones and Borderlands season passes on the X1. One the fence on a couple of others but I'll probably end up waiting.

    Would echo the comments of a few others that I was hoping for some additional DLC on sale. MS sales have gone from almost exclusively DLC and too few games to the opposite problem over the last year or so.
  • Posted on 10 July 15 at 12:32
    TheMaize said:blueracer442 said:I enjoy the sale, bought a few new games. I do wish they had more ID@Xbox games and more arcade games. I'm not a big fan of G.O.D. since I like to be able to look at my discs.I know im the minority here..but i prefer to be able to play everything with a click on a button, without having to change discs...i actually bought watchdogs on this sale, just so i can get rid of the disc, lolSo am i the only one that thought "hmm since you don't want that disc anymore...." Haha
  • Posted on 10 July 15 at 14:45
    So Mortal Kombat(2011) or Injustice for a casual button masher? Only going to get one. Thanks.
  • Internet HamInternet Ham397,027
    Posted on 10 July 15 at 15:35
    Avoid Lords of the Fallen if you are a completionist. Enjoyable game but glitched achievements the developer has no intention of fixing.
  • Posted on 10 July 15 at 15:37
    If someone buy Monopoly Plus add me, I want to play with people :D
  • EurydaceEurydace617,397
    Posted on 10 July 15 at 16:58
    Krozymodo318 said:So Mortal Kombat(2011) or Injustice for a casual button masher? Only going to get one. Thanks.Injustice will soon be backwards compatible according to the devs, and I think it's generally very well-received. I haven't played either so I can't help other than that.
  • Demo MCNDemo MCN234,526
    Posted on 10 July 15 at 20:02
    Demo MCN said:Picked up so far:
    Shadow of Mordor and
    Tales from the Borderlands SP (2-5)
    Also picked up Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved.

    Got some pretty good recomendations, from another site.
  • itz waz meitz waz me290,173
    Posted on 11 July 15 at 09:15
    picked up Outlast Bundle of Terror and Mass Effect hoping to play it with backwards compatibility soon.
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  • Posted on 12 July 15 at 00:02
    Dunno if anyone else mentioned this yet, but Lego Batman 3 is actually $18.75, not $13.75. It could just be in Canada, I don't have a way to confirm that.
  • Posted on 12 July 15 at 02:38
    Also (in Canada at least) Game Of Thrones episode 1 is still free for both 360 and Xbox one, so save yourself some cash by purchasing episode 1, then the season pass episodes 2-6.
  • Posted on 12 July 15 at 17:46
    Bleh, too many bundled stuff not on sale by itself. Would have considered the Far Cry 4 season pass if it was by itself.
  • ChewieOnIceChewieOnIce1,525,771
    Posted on 12 July 15 at 21:55
    shadowninja25 said:Dunno if anyone else mentioned this yet, but Lego Batman 3 is actually $18.75, not $13.75. It could just be in Canada, I don't have a way to confirm that.Many One prices in Canada are slightly different to the US ones.
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  • MaxMar5MaxMar5323,491
    Posted on 13 July 15 at 13:48
    Sadly there is no DLC on sale again...

    I don't want to pay more for the DLC then the game itself.
  • Posted on 13 July 15 at 16:29
    I ended up buying Goat Simulator, Monopoly Plus, The Legend of Kora, and Slender. Wonder if these are the last summer deals we will see?
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  • LuckyKantLuckyKant866,723
    Posted on 13 July 15 at 16:34
    Goat Simulator - GWG next month? Hhmm...
  • MaesenkoMaesenko319,586
    Posted on 14 July 15 at 03:11, Edited on 14 July 15 at 03:32 by Maesenko
    Picked up ACC:China, also getting Tales from Space: Mutant Blob Attack, Blood of the Werewolf, Monopoly Plus, and RISK. Was going to get Goat Sim for that price, but I have a feeling I'll be seeing it again on sale (or as a GWG, given its popularity), and 5 games is already enough.

    I'm waiting to see Jaws of Hakkon go on sale for the 360, since it gets a cross-buy free version on the One (don't think it works the other way around, though).
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  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead651,292
    Posted on 14 July 15 at 11:07, Edited on 14 July 15 at 21:21 by HolyHalfDead
    ixnay37 said:Lego Batman 3 bundled with the season pass for less than the cost of the season pass itself was too good an offer for me to pass up.Damn it, just got back on the internet to find this sale has already finished on the Xbox One (even though it is still running on the Xbox 360 as usual) angry. Lego Batman 3 Deluxe was one hell of a deal, perhaps the best deal I have ever seen. Put like this "if you buy the Season Pass at a discounted price, you will get the game for free".

    I'm not sure how long the Xbox One deal of the week has not been lasting the full week after if becomes official (xbox dashboard,, but this was a sucky way to find out.

    NO1KEV said:Generally I think the digital pricing is an utter con there is no reason what so ever that a digital version should EVER be more expensive than a retail versionDigital pricing should at most equal retail pricing. However in some countries retail stores are in competition with each other, and offer the game at a reduced price, but there are also digital sales (as we see here). Ditribution method should only be a tiny part of the cost of a game. Sending out bits of plastic in padded bags has a cost, as does paying an ISP and running file servers across the globe.
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  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm575,286
    Posted on 20 July 15 at 14:35
    • The Walking Dead & The Walking Dead: Season Two Bundle - 50% off - Now US$25.00 / £20.00 / €25.00 / AU$32.48 (40% discount for Silver members)

    Well, I had pre-ordered these two games individually as soon as they were announced. I guess this was my wakeup call. I pulled them out of my backlog and have just completed both of them.
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