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Released as Dogfight 1942 in US/EU

  • GleylancerGleylancer468,302
    Posted on 25 November 14 at 10:16
    I was searching for this game, about every site has retail release dates for this game, but in fact, the retail version was only released in Japan. After some delay, City Interactive released this game as "Dogfight 1942" on XBLA.
  • o DEEVIUS oo DEEVIUS o597,105
    Posted on 29 July 15 at 19:02
    ^ No this is a separate game, I've completed Dogfight 1942, and this is unrelated. This game can be found on NTSC-U, NTSC-J, and PAL physical copies, however it is the rarest game I have ever known. There is 1 copy of the PAL version on the whole internet and it's £75.

    If anyone has this game please let me know, I will make an offer of trade or purchase smile
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  • GleylancerGleylancer468,302
    Posted on 29 July 15 at 19:44, Edited on 29 July 15 at 20:30 by Gleylancer
  • SaidaiKanpekiSaidaiKanpeki1,295,086
    Posted on 30 July 15 at 14:17
    They do look similar, the only difference I see is the title.
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  • o DEEVIUS oo DEEVIUS o597,105
    Posted on 29 October 16 at 12:11
    Yes this is exactly the same game as Dogfight 1942, the only differences are the title, and the DLC packs are separate in Dogfight 1942 but are included in the main game of Combat Wings by default.

    One problem I see with this is that unlike other game variants on TA these are not recognised as variants and so they don't have the achievement solution links.

    I'll wait to see if there's a response in this old thread, but if not I'll raise the issue somewhere more fresh.
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