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    Posted on 19 May 15 at 10:12
    Please use this thread to discuss the Wolfenstein: The Old Blood walkthrough
  • MC0REBEMC0REBE570,373
    Posted on 19 May 15 at 11:27
    Good luck mate!
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  • plesniaczekplesniaczek514,956
    Posted on 04 August 15 at 05:45
    Any news on this walkthrough?
  • Posted on 12 August 15 at 23:06
    Any updates?
  • THEpaynexkillerTHEpaynexkiller1,032,938
    Posted on 03 October 15 at 02:19
    The new and improved.
  • Cobra King31Cobra King31568,039
    Posted on 12 October 15 at 05:57
    So no news of that 'quality walkthrough?'
  • SprinkyDinkSprinkyDink2,046,112
    Posted on 18 October 15 at 15:57
    Hate it when this happens
  • xDaffxDaff461,770
    Posted on 18 October 15 at 17:40
    Sorry everyone, I've been super busy. The last edit was made 21/05/15, so I'll give the owner a poke and see what's going on.
  • Segendary TySegendary Ty664,702
    Posted on 08 December 15 at 15:55
    I guess we need a new owner?
  • THEpaynexkillerTHEpaynexkiller1,032,938
    Posted on 04 January 16 at 01:11
    Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, a standalone prequel to 2014’s Wolfenstein: The New Order, is just that, a eight-part Campaign following B.J. Blazkowicz’s adventures in 1946 as he aims to track down the documents to a Nazi compound. In essence, this Campaign is split into two stories: "Rudi Jäger and the Den of Wolves" and "The Dark Secrets of Helga Von Schabbs." Much like last year’s game, The Old Blood offers a mix of both heavy gunplay and cautious stealth gameplay. The Campaign present will last about seven to nine hours as you work towards a batch of secret collectibles and experiment with a familiar skill tree system. The achievement list covers the basics: mission and game completion, two collectible sets and unlocking all sixteen perks. What’s new to The Old Blood however, are nine “Nightmare” levels and ten Challenge maps. The Nightmare levels are hidden Easter Eggs in each Chapter of the game while the Challenge maps are combat oriented challenges playable via the Main Menu. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is more of the same as its predecessor with some extra content that is sure to leave fans of the series satisfied for fifteen to twenty hours.

    Campaign - Über Difficulty:
    As a Single Player-only title, your time and focus will be placed on The Old Blood’s Campaign. It is strongly recommended to start your first playthrough on the "ÜBER" difficulty. Even though this is the hardest difficulty in the game, you will find that the Campaign is not too difficult, similar to The New Order. This is mainly due to the surplus of ammo and unintelligent AI. As you work through the bulk of the Campaign, you will naturally unlock "Undercover", "Freedom" and "Revenge" upon completing specific Chapters of Part I and Part II. In addition to these story-related achievements, completing the entirety of the Campaign will unlock the three stackable Campaign-completion achievements: "Hero", "Super hero" and "Über hero".

    Do take note that when you reach the end of Chapter 6, you will be forced to make a decision in regards to saving one of your allies. Choosing to save Kessler will unlock the "Kessler saved" achievement, while protecting Annette will unlock the "Annette saved" achievement. Since you can only choose to save one of your allies during this time, you will have to obtain the opposite achievement by reloading Chapter 6 at a later time (preferably on a lower difficulty level) and saving the other individual.

    Collectibles & Perks:
    While playing through the Campaign, be sure to explore the Chapters thoroughly for collectibles. In total, there are 10 letters and 64 golden items to retrieve, as well as 9 nightmare levels to find and complete. Some of these collectibles can usually be found in plain sight, but most of them are scattered intricately in well-hidden passageways and rooms. Upon finding at least five letters, "Paperboy" will be yours. Once all ten letters have been found, you will unlock the "Postman" achievement. Similarly, finding eight, sixteen, thirty-two, and all sixty-four of the gold items will unlock "All that glitters", "Glittering gold", "The ecstasy of gold" and "Gold master" respectively. Lastly, each nightmare level in the game will net its own achievement and once all nine are complete, "Die, Grösse, die!" will unlock.

    In addition to the collectibles, there are a total of 16 achievements related to the all the perks within the game. Unlike Wolfenstein: The New Order, these perks are not categorized by a certain play style. Still, there are stealth related perks, weapon related perks and even health and armor related perks. Each of the perks has their own achievement and you can begin working on their requirements at any time during the Campaign. Make sure to change up your play style often and consult the Perk Menu in order to track your progress and plan accordingly.

    Challenge Maps:
    As a new side mode found in the Main Menu of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, the game's ten challenge maps act as combat missions from select set pieces of the Campaign. Though the challenge maps will not be available to play right away, they will gradually unlock them one by one as you progress through the game's Campaign. These challenges are all about survivability whilst killing the enemy opposition and garnering points for each kill. All ten maps have a specific gold medal point requirement and upon reaching that point requirement, you will in turn unlock an achievement for that specific challenge map. As such, there are ten challenge map achievements to earn. It's worth mentioning here that players will be required to play on the "I AM DEATH INCARNATE!" difficulty setting or higher in order to unlock gold medals for each challenge map (Bring 'Em On! and lower do not have gold medals). Since the maps are all areas stripped from the main Campaign, you shouldn't have too much trouble knowing where decent hiding spots or advantage points are located, as well as where certain weapons and gear (health and armor) may be stashed.

    For up to twenty hours of content at just a third of retail price, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is worth the money and time. The narrative that spans all eight Chapters of the game gives great insight to BJ Blazkowicz’s adventures prior to The New Order and with the new weapons at his disposal – in addition to unique set pieces and enemy variants – BJ has never felt so deadly. The achievement list here is very straightforward as well. There are two small sets of collectibles to hunt down, a couple level and game completion achievements, nine nightmare mission, ten challenge maps, and a handful perks worth working towards. As stated last year (in different words, mind you), Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is an enjoyable game. Go buy it!
    The new and improved.
  • Segendary TySegendary Ty664,702
    Posted on 04 January 16 at 07:38
    you only have to play the last checkpoint of the last chapter on the hardest difficulty, the rest can be played on the easiest...
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,655,801
    Posted on 09 February 16 at 16:07
    Who's doing this WT? Does it still need a new owner?
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,655,801
    Posted on 09 February 16 at 16:08
    Because I'll take it over if needed. A WT shouldnt languish in WT limbo for this long.
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    Posted on 09 February 16 at 18:42
    We are currently looking for a new owner, please post in here or send the Walkthrough Manager a PM if you are interested in writing it.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 09 February 16 at 18:43
    No edits were made since last May, so I'm surprised it was still listed as "In Progress". Life, you're now listed as the new owner.
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  • Segendary TySegendary Ty664,702
    Posted on 09 February 16 at 18:49
    Good luck :)

    Alright time to get back into GTA SA Walkthrough computeredface
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  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,655,801
    Posted on 10 April 16 at 15:20, Edited on 10 April 16 at 15:21 by LifeExpectancy
    I decided to leave a note here due to a comment in this month's WT article. I realize that the campaign portion of this game is largely just the colletibles and locations to grind out the weapon achievements. This isn't normally my style, obviously, but there truly isn't much moment-to-moment gameplay in this game in between the collectible locations. It's a VERY linear game, with little variance in direction and little room for confusion. I really only took it on because it languished in walkthrough limbo for nearly a year.

    If, however, you feel that it needs a true step-by-step, something more in line with my recent Ori: Definitive Edition walkthrough, please let me know. If I have time, I will do it. If not, and someone else would like to be added on as an editor/contributor and create such a step-by-step, that would be totally ok too. As it sits, I feel that a minimally cumbersome walkthrough is the best choice for such a simple completion.
  • Mr RodsterMr Rodster2,066,074
    Posted on 28 July 16 at 04:22
    Thank you for the walkthrough. Just thought I would mention that Letter 1 is found after the ambush, so reference to it might better be placed at the end of the Prologue, right before Chapter 1.
  • iTz Canada EhhiTz Canada Ehh1,026,334
    Posted on 25 August 16 at 08:46
    Thanks for the walkthrough, the challenge section definitely helped me with some of the challenge maps.

    If you follow the walkthrough, playing on the easiest difficulty, and are above average at FPS's, this is an easy 6-8 hours. The time on my save file after I 100% the game was 8 hours and like 30 seconds and that was after being stuck on a few challenge maps.
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