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Cuphead Announcement Trailer

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Last post: 02 Jan 15 at 13:32
Posted on 09 June 14 at 20:48
One of the most unique looking titles of E3

Please click here to read the story: Cuphead Announcement Trailer

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TrueAchievements NewshoundTrueAchievements Game Info Editor11,739 posts
Last post: Today at 09:03
Posted on 09 June 14 at 20:50
Love it!
@ChewieOnIce | NewsHound | 'Please don't kill us.' 'Please don't make it so appealing'
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Last post: 06 May at 02:08
Posted on 09 June 14 at 20:50
I love this style! Good idea!
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Last post: Today at 04:06
Posted on 09 June 14 at 20:50
Buying this just based on the art direction.
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Last post: 24 May at 22:52
Posted on 09 June 14 at 20:52
I will buy this the moment it is available.
xLegend of Jay
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Last post: 07 Sep 16 at 18:19
Posted on 09 June 14 at 20:53
I really like the art style.
Crowned Legacy
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Last post: 18 Feb 15 at 15:15
Posted on 09 June 14 at 20:53
Looks great
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Last post: 07 Mar at 23:06
Posted on 09 June 14 at 20:54
Best E3 this game looks very awesome! Love the old cartoon look.
AKA Swede
AKA Swede
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Last post: 26 May at 15:18
Posted on 09 June 14 at 20:58
I need this game
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Marc Pilkington
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Last post: 23 May at 18:39
Posted on 09 June 14 at 20:58
It genuinely looks like I'm watching a cartoon oldie. Definitely keeping a look out for this one!
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Last post: 03 Nov 16 at 00:52
Posted on 09 June 14 at 21:02
This game has class and style! Reminds me of the old Looney Toons. Love it.
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Last post: Yesterday at 02:06
Posted on 09 June 14 at 21:10
This game reminds me of the very early Disney cartoons. Will definitely check it out when it comes out.
Emotional REX
Emotional REX
195,646 TrueAchievement Points98 posts
Last post: 15 Feb at 01:13
Posted on 09 June 14 at 21:34
I agree with everyone: the artistic style of this game makes this a "must have" - but I still want to see some more gameplay, a price, a release date and maybe the control scheme. I've been burned by pretty before...
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Last post: Yesterday at 20:46
Posted on 09 June 14 at 22:08
It looks like mickey mouse with a cup on his head...
Hairy Cabbage
Hairy Cabbage
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Last post: 25 May at 12:26
Posted on 09 June 14 at 23:11
looks amazing. it was certainly the one that stood out for me.
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Last post: 09 Jun 16 at 18:30
Posted on 10 June 14 at 00:10, Edited on 10 June 14 at 00:15 by M155G4DG8T
This is the one game that grabbed my attention the entire Microsoft conference; I absolutely love the idea of infusing that classic Steam Boat Willie/Felix the Cat-esque animation style into a video game! This could be a real gem as long as the gameplay holds up. Can't wait to see more of this! clap
TrueAchievement Site Rank: 1,476 out of 361,9244,118 comments1,527 posts
Last post: 16 May at 00:46
Posted on 10 June 14 at 01:27
I love the art style!!! Looks like a blast!
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Last post: 13 May at 22:18
Posted on 10 June 14 at 07:07
Well, it's different laugh Yet strangely appealing!
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Last post: 15 Feb at 21:01
Posted on 10 June 14 at 15:27
Instant purchase!! Looks so unique!
116,360 TrueAchievement PointsTrueAchievement Ratio: 1.5765525 posts
Last post: 24 May at 16:53
Posted on 10 June 14 at 16:29
The cartoon style graphics sold me. It's on the wish list and a guaranteed purchase. Love it.
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