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Looking for boosters with 2 Xboxes and 2 copies of Max Payne 3

  • Posted on 25 May 15 at 14:45Permalink
    I am interested in boosting this game (levelling up to 50) and have 2 copies of this game. I would like to meet up with others who have 2 copies to get this done.

    Send me a message through TA or Xbox if you are interested.

  • S P 4 C E YS P 4 C E Y298,412
    Posted on 28 May 15 at 10:14Permalink
    I have 2 Xboxes and 2 copies of the game. Have sent you a message.
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  • Sensei NeoSensei Neo1,162,231
    Posted on 28 May 15 at 14:07Permalink
    Hey guys - me & my friend both have 2 boxes ready to go.... U wanna make a session for this weekend?

    Just to complicate things tho - I have another friend who wants to get in but he only has 1 box.

    So how do you feel about 5 players with 3 dummies?
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 28 May 15 at 16:41Permalink
    I am also good to go with double box this weekend if you guys wanna create a session. Message me on here if interested.
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