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LOST-10 Achievement

Posted on 09 June 13 at 08:09
Curious what everyone is trying/thinks the criteria is for this since no one has been able to unlock it yet.

Assuming it isn't glitched, I'm guessing it's based on the mission time on the level complete screen. I've managed to get 57 seconds twice, but nothing. I can't fathom squeezing out more time. Has anyone gotten 58?

This would definitely be better if the powder didn't like to randomly extinguish for no reason, or if it actually went out based on the waterline and not some other invisible line.

My working method is to draw powder to the far SW of the safe and placing a barrel there (but making sure the explosion won't get the safe). From there I'm running a string of barrels along the bottom of the screen (the 2nd is a serious pain to stay away from the safe) until the 5th one will barely blow up the safe. I'm keeping the powder just ahead of the water, usually by running small circles in that SW corner, then igniting that first barrel right before the water gets there. The chain of explosions actually happens while the water has already overflowed the area, but still no luck.
Posted on 09 June 13 at 20:25
I tried the same method, but I don't think it is possible. I've destroyed the safe with water covering it but nothing happened. I'm thinking there is supposed to be a way to do this without powder.
Posted on 13 June 13 at 08:56
Achievement pops at 1:01 at level LOST-12
Clap That Fool
Posted on 30 December 13 at 17:46
Some of these LOST Levels are insanely annoying to figure out lol I wish there were video guides
Clap That Fool
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