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This game needs some new settings

Whats a Chundy
Posted on 17 July 15 at 21:41
The old golf games have always had a setting where you don't need to move the stick directly forward with surgical precision to hit the ball straight, but this game doesn't have it and it makes for a very frustrating experience with the xb1 controller.

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 21 July 15 at 14:35
I think u can adjust this in the custom menu (play style or game style) can't mind exactly what it's under and my demo time is up so can't double check for you.if I remember correctly I changed mine while creating an unranked match.
Whats a Chundy
Posted on 21 July 15 at 15:42
You can make certain changes but you still need surgical precision to hit straight even on easiest settings.
Posted on 31 July 15 at 16:29
Sorry but this has been the most forgiving of the pga games when it comes to hitting straight using the stick. Then again on previous games I never used easy settings. The best I can offer you is my trick. I turn my controller sideways. This also makes it easier to hit the ball straight while power boosting. Hope it helps.
I wrote here once on accident and this is what I wrote to never see the original post again.
Posted on 02 August 15 at 10:51
Part of the challenge is being able to move the stick through in a straight line, just like in real life golf you would be punished for not swinging the club through on a straight line.
This game is pretty easy anyway so to make it even easier would be a bad thing in my opinion.
Whats a Chundy
Posted on 01 June 17 at 23:54
Just realized I already commented on this 2 years ago. It definitely needs an update to make the aim more realistic. I should be able to hold the controller in my hand and have a straight up down swing and it should go straight.

This is a golf game, not surgeon simulator.

This may have been one of the greatest PGA games, but it's honestly awful. The graphics and fully loaded maps are amazing, but that's the only reason to rate it.
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