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Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks Walkthrough Discussion

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    Posted on 18 July 15 at 12:42
    Please use this thread to discuss the Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks walkthrough
  • Posted on 18 July 15 at 15:09
    Hello all!

    I am the current owner who will be creating a Walkthrough for this game.

    Some of my Walkthrough's will take a short period of time to complete, but others could take long, depending on the amount of achievements and the game's size.

    If you have any questions which you would like to ask, feel free to post on this page.

    Thank you and wish me luck!

  • Posted on 24 July 15 at 22:24
    Hi Everyone

    I am pleased to let you all know that I've just finished working on this walkthrough and it is currently getting proof-read. It will be available shortly.

    Thanks for being patient and I hope you all enjoy it.

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  • Posted on 21 November 16 at 17:13
    This walkthrough has been revised and updated with spelling checks, grammar and I've also placed in infomessages in some locations of the walkthrough. The revised walkthrough will be available to read shortly.
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