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Red Stripe Deals: May 29th, 2015

  • redjarmanredjarman430,364
    Posted on 30 May 15 at 01:19
    stitch25 said:Is this game fun?It's basically a sailing-only version of Black Flag. If you liked sailing and ship battles, you'll love this
  • CASS190684CASS190684245,701
    Posted on 30 May 15 at 01:44
    I'll pass. I haven't been playing the long list of games I've already got for WP and Win8 facepalm
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  • CONKER1182CONKER1182544,897
    Posted on 30 May 15 at 02:12
    I have this game.
  • Posted on 30 May 15 at 02:16
    MugenKairo said:Saw AC and pirates and got all excited hoping the Black Flag 'Freedom Cry' DLC was on sale... Not paying $15 for that content.Red stripe deals only deal with WP and Win 8. No 360 or One content. But as am I waiting for that DLC <== EASY WAY TO MAKE $5 XBOX LIVE BY USING BING
  • matdanmatdan796,052
    Posted on 30 May 15 at 02:18
    Assassin's Creed: We need more money edition.
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  • Tanelorn82Tanelorn82456,998
    Posted on 30 May 15 at 03:28
    Dark Death 90 said:How are hard are the achievements in this game?Not hard. but the last achievement is a very boring grind.
    That reminds me I should continue to sink ships... haven't touched it for few months. man that's boring facepalm
    Welcome to TA, where stats are made up and some achievements do not matter.
  • Posted on 30 May 15 at 06:23
    No cross-buy, no buy whatsoever.
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  • RotcatRotcat138,970
    Posted on 30 May 15 at 10:28
    I see everywhere: The game let see only a black title screen'
    Also on the Asus Transformerbook (2G), is it the money worth?
  • J36MilesJ36Miles55,839
    Posted on 30 May 15 at 14:37
    Giving it a try for 2 dollars.
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 30 May 15 at 16:16, Edited on 30 May 15 at 16:18 by
    I got this the last time it was on sale. It is painfully boring and some of the missions are very long with no save points.
    Previously XFALLING DEATHX/Falling Nacho
  • Removed Gamer

    Removed Gamer

    Posted on 31 May 15 at 05:55
    not worth paying the two bucks for it heard it was crap
  • ZNMSZNMS358,050
    Posted on 31 May 15 at 06:21
    Marcos Aspira said:Not available in Brazil. rollNot available in Australia. I just saved some money.
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  • lfcjohnlfcjohn1,006,883
    Posted on 01 June 15 at 00:48
    Bought both WP & Win8 version but only WP work, for win8 i'm using Parallels at late 2013 MBP retina 15" with top config but still can't run it! sigh!
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  • RotcatRotcat138,970
    Posted on 01 June 15 at 18:18
    Ive just €1,71 on my account...cry So I need to buy a gift card only for This game laugh
  • Posted on 02 June 15 at 02:40
    Bought it earlier for Windows 8 and I wish I could buy it now for my phone but it doesn't meet the requirements. I have a 520...there's a 635 at Walmart for $50 but I don't know if that can run games like this. It's odd that the 630 apparently can't run it yet the 525 (or is it 35?) can. I'm confused about how they number these phones and where they get the number from...I'd imagine later numbers are more advanced but if some younger numbers can run something a later number cannot, what the hell?

    Anyways...just need to know if the 635 will run this. I need to upgrade my phone anyways as I'm sick of my 520...and if the 635 is capable of running this, I'll go with it.
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  • lfcjohnlfcjohn1,006,883
    Posted on 02 June 15 at 07:59
    I can run it with my 535.
    You'll never play alone
  • RotcatRotcat138,970
    Posted on 02 June 15 at 15:34
    The €2,- wasn't It worth.. this game laggs
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