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Forza Motorsport 5 Adds Open Wheel Race Cars

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Posted on 12 June 13 at 16:25

Please click here to read the story: Forza Motorsport 5 Adds Open Wheel Race Cars

External link:
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Posted on 12 June 13 at 16:29
looking stellar!
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Posted on 12 June 13 at 16:31
Meh. I'm really 50/50 on Microsoft lately. I will keep my 360, but when it comes to Next-Gen console? However heartbreaking it is, Sony are looking more my type of console this year.
C0oK13 MoNsTa
C0oK13 MoNsTa
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Posted on 12 June 13 at 16:36
I prefer grittier racing than polished up showroom stuff. Who parks a F1 car in their lounge?
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Posted on 12 June 13 at 17:07, Edited on 12 June 13 at 17:10 by Wolfie9985
Good to see my recommendation made the TA news smile

This may actually persuade me to buy an XB1 on day 1...rather than a few years time. The chance to race classic F1 cars in a game has been a wish of mine for years, and what better than Hunt the Shunts title winning McLaren?

I wonder if it will include the Marlboro McLarens (MP4/4 anyone?) or the Rothmans Williams? Hell, even the 60's Lotus and BRM's or the 50's Vanwalls and Ferraris?

This might just tip me into forking out £500 this November...maybe, just maybe.

Edit: The OP is incorrect.

"1976 McLaren M23 and the 1976 Ferrari 312-2 cars, driven by Nikki Lauda and James Hunt respectively"

James Hunt raced for McLaren, Niki Lauda raced for Ferrari...
MH The Rockstar
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Posted on 12 June 13 at 18:01
Well now this is interesting. I wonder how the damage will be implemented on these cars compared to the ones with bumpers and fenders.
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Stevano61 PB2A
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Posted on 12 June 13 at 18:31
SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!! IndyCar & Old F1 cars!!! Really want this!
Confused Shelf
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Posted on 12 June 13 at 18:33
MH The Rockstar said:
Well now this is interesting. I wonder how the damage will be implemented on these cars compared to the ones with bumpers and fenders.
It's funny, I remember the race car damage models to be better than their production counterparts but going by current R1 cars then It'll be like trying to chip a rock with Paper.
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Paul Wesley 91
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Posted on 12 June 13 at 18:40
Sweet, now I can race in the Indy 500!
PWH ~ Hail Purdue!
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Posted on 12 June 13 at 19:18
DAMN IT. I hope the first Xbox one price drop comes really fast.
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Evil Kenivl
Evil Kenivl
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Posted on 12 June 13 at 20:00, Edited on 12 June 13 at 20:01 by Evil Kenivl
I gues thats the reason they dont bring weather effects? ;-)

But anyway the car models are looking absolute AMAZING! This and Ryse are my favourite games and a reason for buing a XboxOne!
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Posted on 13 June 13 at 00:27
Are there weather effects and night tracks? I love Forza, but they are trying really hard to not do much. GT6 is coming out, as is Driveclub, so I hope they step their game up. Forza is awesome, but I have a feeling they will get left in the dust next-gen.
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Posted on 13 June 13 at 02:12
I love this series of games, but come on Forza I had night driving and weather effects back on Gran Turismo 4 on the PS2!
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Posted on 13 June 13 at 03:21
I've been hoping for a DLC pack like this for Forza 4.

This is even better. I can't wait.
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mad max1698
mad max1698
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Posted on 20 June 13 at 20:13
If only FM5 came on the 360 as well. I really don't have 900 $ laying around at this time.
Unbelievably good.
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