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#IDARB Walkthrough Discussion

Posted on 17 February 15 at 16:20
Please use this thread to discuss the #IDARB walkthrough
Posted on 27 February 15 at 19:57
The walkthrough has now been published.

You can find it here: #IDARB Walkthrough
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Posted on 01 March 15 at 21:42
The allyoop achievement pops before the match is over, did for me the second they got one
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Posted on 07 July 15 at 15:47
Walkthrough said:Step 3: Online possibly

Now for the final achievement, you'll need to jump and stun an opponent 25 times.

Same as above, if you have two controllers, load up a local game, make sure the your other controller is on the opposite team, then head over to the opponent and jump above them and press cn_LSd and cn_A, you should see a little orange circle, meaning they are "stunned", repeat the process 24 more times and grab your final achievement. This achievement can be done on regular online play with a friend or a random online player, but due to the randomness of online player they may not stay still long enough for you to achieve your goal. Goal... football? Ok, I'll stop now.
Should read as Online Required, not possibly. You can't do this in a local game. It must be online (boosted private or legit in public match).
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Posted on 16 January 16 at 11:11
The Kinect achievements no longer require a Kinect, so you may want to change that in the WT. You can simply download stuff that a friend has uploaded.
Laugh it up, fuzzball.
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